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Degrees with clouds and fog in Boston at 8 30. Good morning. I'm Charlie Byrd. Geranios. What's happening? After presiding over the Holy Oh soldier's homes darkest days its former superintendent was fired on. Now he and his former medical director are facing criminal charges. Here's W. B. C's Karen Regal, you know that they died under the most horrific circumstances. Is truly shocking, Attorney General Mara Healey announced. Bennett Walsh in Dr David Clinton are facing multiple charges of criminal neglect after two wards were combined allegedly with no regard to covert 19 status were alleging that Walsh and Clinton were ultimately responsible for a decision on March 27th that led to tragic and deadly results. 76 veterans died Karen Regal W B Z Boston's news radio president Trump expected to nominate federal Appeals Court Judge Amy Cockney Barrett to the Supreme Court later today. Judge Barrett formerly taught at Notre Dame University, where Carter Sneed is also a professor, and he knows her personally. CBS News asked him about the concerns that people have about her conservative views. For those who are concerned about Judge Barrett. I can assure them that there's no way in which her personal views will ever enter into her decision making, and she will do her level best with open mind and a brilliant mind, which has been widely recognized both by the folks across the ideological spectrum. That she will do her level best to find the right answer. The announcement from the president expected at about five o'clock this afternoon from the White House, hundreds of protesters marching peacefully through the streets of Boston last night. Demanding justice for Briana Taylor shot and killed in March by a police officer in Louisville. The march began at Nubian Square in Roxbury. Ending at Boston City Hall and the rally comes two days after officials in Kentucky announced that officers would not face charges directly for Taylor's death. And about a dozen protesters arrested for violating curfew last night in Louisville third night of demonstrations after a grand jury did not indict any officers for the killing of Taylor. W. L K Y TV Shaquille Lord.

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