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River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red now let's go to Steve dresner. We'll start with baseball and ode to the Marlins certainly have the nationals number, even though Juan Soto returned to action his MRI came up negative for possible camp and dream, Soto pinched it in the 8th inning came up with a walk, but the Nats ended up falling to Miami three to two in ten innings after the game manager Davey Martinez on pinch hitting an ailing soda late in the game. You know, for me, he gave us first and second and gave us the best helm opportunity, whether he's going to walk or do something. And as you saw, he walked. We had one out. Bases loaded. So we knew that he couldn't run the basis. So we had to do something else there, but I mean, I thought, you know, if they want to walk them great, we get the top of the order coming up. With the wind, the Marlins complete a four game series sweep, they've now won 12 of their last 13 meetings against Washington. Over to the American League a wild game up at Camden yards tied at 6 in the bottom of the tenth Orioles had a runner on third, Texas pitcher Matt Moore hit the Orioles Jorge Mateo in the left leg, the game winning run came into score. It's being described as a walk off hit by a pitch or it'll beat the rangers 7 to 6 and ten innings. And local soccer news from D.C. United as 19 year old American forward Griffin Yao is transferring from D.C. United to westerlo, which is a team in Belgium's first division. Yao made his MLS debut back in April of 2019, had three goals in 36 games for D.C.. Steve dresner, WTO

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