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Celebration quick shot is gobbled up by scout which would with the goal of any holds on stopping the clock was six fifty three left in the first one of the Carolina light to get through that ship after back to back a six yeah because that second icing was done by the face of dot written for the latent bench the furthest away from there. and they came back imported over here now I don't know whether somebody has to dress as a yeah it's yeah it's hard to tell from up here in may be coming from the attacking team we're just not seeing it right lines better than doing what they're told by the often too soon team will figure it out here comes Marcus in a Caroline in the lightning offense or the lady defenses don't love circle feats geeky by that he tried to center it in a tough angle shot there from Marcus it is eaten up by which would with the glove so this two shifts in a row for Caroline is applied to pressure hurricanes up on nothing. please stop this time is to the left of Wedgewood. ET at Stevens. another tie up. it is gonna come free to make you an right point shot block in front. still loose do you could major. need to move up point of Florida big blast wide left the real forty pursues the rebound keeps moving for foot the clearing attempts unsuccessful Tilden McCue and right point. about to buy the lighting our camera gods takes over six away left in the first one to nothing Carolina. console done the puck. waiting to use the left right in the first long toss towards Stamkos center ice cut offers by British he will counter in the lighting in there she loves circle. zigzags his way into the left corner the defenseman down low keeps it moving for Lucas wallmark in the left corner all market spin by Yann Ruda porn trying to dig the puck free instead of comes to Martin at the right circle shoot save made by Wedgwood deepest Greece get that thing out. finally delivered out to center ice by Sorel he'll lead stamp goes across the blood clot suit walked in front.

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