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Once and for all has been sponsored by bush auto group online car buying made easy at bush auto group dot com and we thank them for sponsoring a great week of programming and I enjoy I'm officially over five I like five a couple strikeouts are given as a five a hard hit ball yeah you know got a weak grounder gave a talk about how well the at bats were largely that bats were great I was three five this week of Oct will let you pry was three or three hours I I sort of yeah my my Jimmy Rollins tent went yeah that was your that was just one we had to that was your bad I was at the Jordan flu game poison I served all three for three he played well in the flu game with me and then turn off like thirty points yeah yes he did too bad in the flu we just watched it he's there because he didn't have a flow nor was the food poison he was hung over probably a Michael no nine anymore let's see I may be gay king Kate also kicking Kate also talked about the whole reason why gave stop playing which I thought was interesting here is that right now because he says he's aware I look like what would here's the thing if Gabe Kapler was hardly want to comment on that would you know if he was a really good player that might be important yeah people like maybe today's broadcast brought to you by Chickies in Pete's celebrate the weekend with your Chickies in Pete's favorites plus refreshing five dollar Tito's cocktails to go and ten dollar domestic six packs.

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