UN, Los Angeles, Henry Kissinger discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


The un will direct the federal population with our migrant board that than orders your government on who to let in there it is 1991 in heavy on france us at 92 so my memories of perfect today americans would be outraged of un troops entered los angeles restore order tomorrow they will be grateful this is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond but the real at promulgated that threaten arbor existence it is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders who deliver the rebels evil the one thing every man fears is the unknown what presented with this scenario individual rights will be willingly relinquish with a guarantee of their wellbeing grander them by their world government henry kissinger addressed bilderberg meeting having on france may 21st 1992 you could say oh well we don't know that paper that got that leak was right okay well here's two thousand seventeen december nineteen ghana commissioner richard boy kid isn't in talks not nations officials which bore the possibility of putting us troops on the streets of chicago to address the city's horrendous gun violence problem in the you and of course has their unity are pretty to ban all smallarms boy that a consent stance not of course they'll have it they'll be the big big mothership they'll be the big central control boy can the peacekeepers flew to new york last week met with un assistant secretary general of the peacebuilding support oscar fernandez pro nonco to discuss the issue in the nation's has a track record of protecting minority population can said before the meeting there was travel warfare between the tutsi and hutus in africa and they deploy peacekeeping troops to help save those populations and we're is bloodshed actually the un's now than caught and medically ran the mass murder of eight thousand people released the clintons over sought let's make remiss we have to do something black people chicago make up thirty percent of the population but eighty percent of those were killed by gunfire let's isn't that interesting that it was the un that went in and killed the christian minority took their property using the animist group to do it that was eddie eighty five percent of the population and then admittedly helped him get all rounded up and then slaughtered and then.

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