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Jack Callahan, Minnesota Weather Center, Corey Hartman discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Jack Callahan this is fox news from the cremation society of Minnesota weather center looking ahead to Tuesday partly sunny skies we'll have a high near eighteen for Tuesday night mostly clear lo near for and sunshine on Wednesday with a high near twenty three slight chance of snow on Thursday I'm Corey Hartman on Twin Cities news talk AM eleven thirty right now it's nineteen this is the story of brain my name's spray and I'm an artist breeze only sprays hand a few times the first time I ever spray tanned it was really awkward and then she tried straightening with the experts at Palm Beach tan the result I feel a lot more confident normally I'm super pale but now it looks like I just came back from the beach right now send that or spray tan for only fourteen ninety five a month featuring a strangled ocean Palm Beach ten better shape of you okay neighbors are boring and a few things up justice sixty nine win cities news talk A. M. eleven thirty and one oh three point five FM and I've from the city of angels near the Pacific Ocean good morning good evening wherever you may be across the nation around the world I'm George dory this is coast to coast AM later tonight the day the music died here's what's happening what a disaster in.

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Jack Callahan, Minnesota Weather Center, Corey Hartman discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

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