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The best man embezzling all the dough, man. Oh, and I mentioned this on Friday. But I thought it was worth a quick mention her in the late. So I'll do it real quick here this morning, as you know, we're watching society change before our eyes. Fifty one percent of young people are single. It's the highest percentage ever the age group eighteen to thirty four single. Yeah. I was thinking about that all weekend. It's trippy. Yeah. You know, and you even mentioned at the time, you're like, well, my boys don't have they're not coupled up, and then they don't seem to have any interest in that. Or at least not that. They're telling me about. That's weird. Because focus of their lives biological. Oh, I mean, unsure that that that drive is there. I mean to. For sex. But it seems like that's available. Now, like, I'm crediting people are on these random hookups, and they are like satisfying, whatever karnal need perhaps without for. Sure. Oh, I don't. And I don't even want to know. I don't need to picture that my kids are so their little they're just little boys. Are you going on? All right. My mind there. Yeah. I mean, I think there was some. Outside influence driving me. But for the most part, I was also biologically driven to try and kiss girls. Like, I really couldn't get it out of my mind. Please kiss me. No, let me try..

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