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With cove at M. L. Fairview wants you to know that what you do today will affect your family in our communities tomorrow good handwashing protects you and can slow the spread of the virus you soap and warm water be sure to watch both sides between your fingers fingernails thumbs and wrists scrub for at least twenty seconds early and often wash your hands avoid big groups stay home don't go out we've all got to do our part for more info visit and help Fairview dot org or the Minnesota department of health if you're from Minnesota love Minnesota or just need to sink your ears into a great local podcasts then you probably need to know about pot M. N. pot M. N. is a brand new free mobile app where you can download and discover and listen to all of the best podcasts that Minnesota has to offer it can be hard to find podcasts relevant to our community among the hundreds of thousands of shows on other apps with pot and then you are in Minnesota territory listen to podcasts of local news sports local true crime politics comedy entertainment education and so much more the best part did we mention the free part ho yeah we did another best part is that pot M. and rewards you for listening to podcasts be entered to win awesome prizes just by listing your favorite Minnesota shows in March you can win a pair of apple airpods download the pot MNF now from your phone's app store for learn more by visiting pot M. S. N. dot com that's P. O. D. M. N. dot com the pod M. an APP listen local building a surgical robot isn't just an amazing feat of engineering it's an art that combines engineering and computer.

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