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See the proof is in their parents doesn't generation X. Matthew Boyle examine the differences for an article of Bloomberg is on the K. all the news line what did you find we found out an interesting thing we found that a lot of their attributes and personality traits were passed down from their parents and Jan axes that generation that is famously you know over looked ignored what have you as the the boomers and now the millennials are getting most of the attention but we found based on the data that we accumulated that Jan Z. shares a lot of attributes with around Jen acts including some surprising ones in terms of sort of how financially literate they are for example is one that really shocked us you know their work much more worried about their finances much and then because of that taking on my dad and using you know personal finance apps at a much higher frequency and that sort of that links into a lot of the concerns that Jen axis had you know my generation was you know our careers a lot of our crews were derailed by the Great Recession in two thousand eight two thousand nine and you know those concerns and worries are ones that we've communicated to our kids even at a very young age and for that reason you know one thing we found is that they are not only a lot more literate financially literate but also you know a bit more concerned and savvy about what the future holds these crises to deal with and and that's what that's what Gen X. parents have had to deal with as far as how they're going to parent the kid's exactly and it's not it is interesting that the crises were not just you know macro economic events like you know the hostage crisis oil shock a lot of times you know the crisis was closer a home you know divorce rate spike in the seventies so you have this whole generation of of latch key kids where the parents were not home when they got home and what that it bread was you know real real sort of felt sense of independence of course on the part of generation act which they have communicated that you know given over to their kids a lot a little bit less helicopter parenting which is getting a lot of attention these days generation acts are more willing to let their kids you know make mistakes and learn from them rather than hovering over them all the time and also you know Gen X. grew up in a a much less for giving a much more globalized workplace and and that's been sort of a related to their desire for a bit more security perhaps and that again is something that they're translating to there generation the offspring margin Z. kids tougher than millennial kids we will according to one survey yes we did find that the genders these were a little bit more stickers scanned this is a survey from the lawyer that found that higher proportion of millennials were planning to leave their job because they're just simply not appreciated that didn't have anything to do with that money of course is the main reason why I think a lot of people lose sight leave their jobs but we found that actually at the Janice these a little bit more stickers scandal a lower percentage of them we're planning to leave because they didn't feel appreciated and we feel that there's a sort of a link up there to the the Generac service or a little bit more in a hearty bunch willing to sort of plow through and and and do what it takes rather than just pop off to the next thing it's not boil from Bloomberg.

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