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That team otherwise there is no reason to go there at all he's like he's got twenty million dollar houses out there multiple twenty million dollar is brian windhorst says entire like company out there is his production house like all that tastes not going anywhere seeking go play for magic do the magic there's something that he's narratives guy i think that matters every single year we record sales in the same damn things nba fans the lakers will sign x y and z and what happens essence different they've got the space i think they get pg and lebron invited to what do you mean it's on enough that is not enough to go compete against houston let alone can take a shot look you have enough if you have lebron to compete clearly as we want to be in the west that's the thing that's the big question things equal of course but i'm saying i think personally i think the production houses all itself is more important to him then playing in east i completely disagree until i completely disagree as brian windhorst pointed out last night his number one thing for a team is the players that are on it and an ownership after that well owners rather be with you know genie boston magic johnson g genie buzz harris and josh josh knows how to turn nba franchises in town billions not millions if you're talking about money doc rosser great at totally sure all that but like don't you know imag magic alone is as far as ownership whatever you want to say is concerned that is a much bigger reason to go there then to come here for josh harrison david blitz all i know is everybody's getting to the crappy oddsmakers like bet online ag and all and bts favorite until just recently like because it's from those crappy books it's not from west gate something from the win it's up from vegas i'm making my favorite in the book of james sasser lakers are two hundred eight makes no sense lakers if you are because this guy you wants to compete in be in there that that makes brandon ingram and paul george is oh that's it my take is he cares more about the next phase of his life being a billionaire owning a team of that is more important to him now then then the amount of titles he can get left he would love to win titles brunton you cares more.

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