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India get anything get a yeah exactly there would be a new set of a of of calls like right and others request i get request outpost so the reply be'requests that a sink cut yet or something like that and it inin you would await on that and they would just work that sounds like business an with was alias up clients i dunno i will likely through the code once and it seemed legit with straightforward it seemed like g event but with explicit instead of the opposite licensed so what i'm really excited to hear about this a sink request stuff yeah it was if we're working on it during the sprints so we'll is working on your friends i should say there's a project that we depend on call your lives three and that is something that is being the chew is being worked on by cory one of the mortgage interest requests and he is going to work on the preliminary a sink stuff getting you're going gonna get ready easily re factory it rewriting it and is gonna be in preparation for adding a sinks to that and then once we had a single whole that then he like all right we're gonna do the and then we're going to do it yeah and then in maybe six years we might get slip those ap is around so maybe the default in requests would be a synchronous and then there bia's singh that would be separate right but i would have i like six yards quest severly depends on how the community moves and stuff like that i i highly i honestly would be surprised if that's how things move as well i'll a we'll see people finding currency confusing they really do and i am i am hoping that i can really help bridge the gap with request to make it will be like this does not have to be scary as this can be exactly what you used to except for magically amazing affair of i'm really excited for the hugh that like is challenging but i was talking to somebody a listener were the the other aspect on bites that i knew and i'd cover the area which he pink client stuff and they said charm member the numbers like oh i had this project where we do lotta scribbling or or pet calls or something and it would take.

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