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HP amen stands for. They make this stuff called ketone IQ, it's ketones. A nutritional primitive and highly efficient super fuel for your brain and body. Ketones have been scientifically proven to support mental clarity, athletic performance and metabolic health. They're 28% more efficient generating energy than sugar alone. Meaning you can do more with less. I've been a fan of ketones for a long time and HVM is a pioneer and drinkable ketone technology. They change a game with ketone one. One of the first commercially available ketone esters, their products are trusted by some of the world's top athletes and military service members who break world records and push the limits of human performance by using the magic of ketosis without the insulin spikes without the caffeine jitters, without the mid afternoon energy crashes. Take a shot of ketone IQ. Gosh, you can skip lunch, you get to get breakfast. That's a cool thing. This is such a crush your appetite. You're not hungry at all when you take it. But you exercise and you can perform like crazy. So you can get 10% off anything. Anything from ketone IQ. You got HVM in. HVM dot ME slash Ben G hmn dot ME slash benjy code Benji will get you 10% off any purchase of ketone IQ that's an exclusive offer for my podcast listeners. This podcast is also brought to you by thrive market. Thrive market is an online grocery store that has a ton of healthy pantry essentials, sustainable meat and seafood, non toxic cleaning and beauty products. All this stuff marked down to like super duper inexpensive prices, half the stuff on the you can't even find an Amazon you could search by plant based keto, gluten free zero waste. You name it, you can get your cheesy kale chips and your dark chocolate and your healthy protein packed cereal, any packaged goods, and the cool thing is that they really take care of the environment. Everything is carbon neutral shipping. They're on a mission to be the first climate positive grocer, which is unheard of. They donate four and a half $1 million in healthy groceries to a family in need. So every time you join, they donate a membership to a family in need. And I just think that's.

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