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So I'm, GONNA shift from like the podcast since I don't want to speak on behalf of our entire team I think that's something we slowly discovered is while we all are relatively progressive, but there are still some nuances and part of a challenge of being a team manager is understanding those folks how we work together to learn. But to speak to your topic of. Yeah I know. I. Don't I'm GonNa I. Don't think I expected these results from primaries to come out this way and nobody expected the pandemic to cut the primary short. Not that they were cut but like the way that I think Bernie gracefully dropped out. During a pandemic when dancing and voting hard I think that definitely the People's health was on his mind But in terms of how to get people on board I, have that challenge now because I do do now some work with Democrats abroad and our goal is also to get out the vote amongst American voters abroad and they're if if you notice during roll call. I think Democrats abroad was the only delegation that had more Bernie. Van. Vitamin. That's, true. Well. That and. Her Mont-. Yeah Yeah, in Vermont, you know Brenes. I think Bernie was low key in the back Bernie. His wife are both standing there. They were both standing there. Yeah, and so kind of noting there is this tension of people who were. So hopeful when we had twenty people going to the primaries and feel so. I wouldn't say disappointed is just like. Anna confused about the results that happened. But at the same time, you know I mean, I talked with a Lotta people who live abroad and their viewpoints on be more pro Bernie comes from their experiences of living in other countries where health care. Pensions are different. And they look to They look to Lake America they're like why or do you like this up. So. That's kind of weird. Their experiences are coming from. It's coming from living abroad. It's coming from seeing other countries and their systems seen foreign policy on the ground being enacted. In terms of like. You. Know I actually WanNa go and see what happened at the convention or like I say at. Virtual. Online. I don't know if you heard about this but since the convention is over and I do want to raise awareness of just what happened like talent like what I heard what happened was. The what we do as delegates as we vote on three things, we vote on the candidates we vote on the platform and vote on a resolution. We during the pandemic, we send the ballots appea- copy to our a state party whips and they send them in. That's how we voted. That was our that was the bare minimum participation as a delegate. and. A lot of people were talking about was the. The Medicare for all and whether it was included in the platform and people being upset that like many many states, thirty four states or thirty eight states have ratified that in their own state resolutions by the national didn't include more explicit language about Medicare for all and. So what happened was the Nevada delegation of delegates started a petition of A. Vote. No, on the Democratic National Popcorn. And I think repetition got like a thousand signatures I'm not I'm not sure ultimately what happens with the numbers but I do know that in our delegation for Democrats abroad we had almost I think all of our Bernie supporters are Bernie delegates and some are Biden delegates no on the platform. And that. Is someone told when I was running to the a delegate can someone told me you being delegates very transient? You have actually very little power. and. What you're really bear to understand how the DNC works how your institutions work in push for institutional change you know who gets to make the rules who gets to go into the primaries. Who was in leadership? Those are all things that. are more sustainable. That's what came out of two, thousand, sixteen in two, thousand. Eighteen Unity Reform Commission. WAS, a change in super delegates voting was this. You know push for democratizing the process even more with doing away. caucusing, doing more pushing towards primaries, which allows for people who don't have to take time off of work to cast their ballots incentive like gathering in one place, which is not feasible for a lot of working class people. So I think now there's a discussion of after the Convention Know Okay Great we love it. Let's go back to procedures and you are they going to release the platform votes. How many people voted for and against it? Are they going to because technically within the rules this is getting technical but if a certain percentage of people vote. One way there needs to be like a minority report issued. About this topic or. And I think that's where a lot of Bernie delegates feel like while we do support the candidate, it's important. We hold our institutions accountable. the party accountable and I think you even saw that within the DNC with Ao see Alexander Cortez. Casting horror nomination vote for Bernie Sanders. And people like Oh why she doing that? That's like distracting. It needed to be done because that's what the rules and procedures said. And Yeah. So I think everybody's like Oh, like Bernie supporters are very disappointed, they're not going to like beyond.

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