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WBZ's traffic on the three right thank you both and Kristen take it easy out there in the rose and guess who's back John fear again the Nick of time and looking out this nasty rotation in the atmosphere right over what is a Granby Connecticut right now. and working off toward the east moving into the crystal lake area right now and a new tornado warning has been issued until five forty five for northwestern winded county central Tolland counties wells northeastern Hartford county although the storm getting ready to move out of Hartford county but places like stores in just off to the north of store stuff we wanna take cover as a storm works through Rockville Connecticut wanna take cover as a storm works through capability of producing a tornado and that's gonna continue to work east across northern Connecticut over the next hour or so and we have a few showers and storms out there through the evening that will dry out later tonight down to sixty breezy cool nice for tomorrow to seventy two and it looks like Dorian gonna pass well to our south and east Friday night to Saturday bringing some rain to the region a gusty wind especially the south coast and Cape or there could be some gusts to fifty miles per hour once that moves away we dry out Saturday afternoon at looking good for the second half the weekend on Sunday I'm accu weather's John fear WBZ Boston to news radio I'm just to add to what John was just informing us about we also have that tornado warning for less than five minutes thankfully out in western Massachusetts in the south central part of handing county in Boston right now temperature is dropping its eighty four and mostly cloudy don't let a broken windshield upset your vacation plans I'm with Bob president of Jay and Phillips auto glass we'll send a mobile van to wherever you are just call eight seven seven auto glass visit chan Phillips dot com because there's a lot more behind your windshield than you think. five twenty six and checking New England business news brought to you by Boston interiors upholstery if you're running big business in America there are a lot of ways to raise money to help grow your business.

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