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The weekend for the annual alien con convention that explores the idea that we are not alone and at dotson with along for the ride judging by the popularity of shows like ancient aliens the x files and others as well as the huge turnout for this year's alien con the idea that aliens exist and may or may not have even visited earth in the past or even today is not occupying the fringe so much anymore david childress is an author and researcher coming here interacting was going to say since this very much mainstream and i think even most people really think that we're not alone in the universe and there are extra out there and it's only a question of just how much they're interacting with us all dr jonathan young is a psychologist and the curator of the joseph cambell archives i would say this is one of the most significant shifts in full softened points of view or even religious awakening look at crucial instigating but not everyone at the convention is so sure seth shostak is the senior astronomer at seti the search for extraterrestrial intelligence a foundation established in nineteen eightyfour by the late dr carl sagan ancient alien other intelligent beings in the cosmos i have no doubt that there are plenty of the question is do we have good evidence visiting american and i don't think that the evidence but i will agree that if they are visiting at least they're not doing any damage how ever author and researcher mike barrow says there is good evidence especially if one looks at the moon and mars it's nuts and bolts as people can take a look at visit they can decide whether they think something is or not and pyramid on mars you got ancient aliens right or you got aliens beira adds that the recent release a video and information from the us government is advancing the discussion as well also the notion of how and why ancient primitive cultures were able to build megalithic structures using one hundred or even two hundred ten blocks of stone we don't do that today ourselves even with all of our my tight nology but yet these ancient people who allegedly did not l our technology are doing things that would be difficult for us to do winning but the ancient alien community has yet to convince the mainstream scientific community of its ideas then you can go to your local scientists even see big exhibit about other teams that are buzzing this guy's engaging hauling people out of their bedrooms that would be really interesting and in fact if i spent all my time doing that so until we have more hard evidence or more people become ancient astronaut theorists the astronomers at seti and all of us we'll keep searching for answers in pasadena california ed dawson komo news for what it's worth i'm cheri preston mall a weed that can grow up to fifteen feet high and cross third degree burns if you touch it it was found in virginia over the weekend at least thirty plants but it might be in your state to just how bad is the giant hog we'd europe plant quite as bad as audrey to little shop of horrors i mean it doesn't eat people but it does cause huge painful blisters and a skin rash it's so bad it makes poison ivy league gentle can happen if you get the sap on your skin and then get exposed to sunlight or water but if you get that sap in your is it can cause even more serious damage and can lead to permanent blindness giant hog week grows up to fifteen feet high has leaves that are up to five feet wide it's got a cone of white flowers on the top and it can be found in more than a dozen states if you see it call the agriculture experts let them deal with it don't try to be seymour it's not nice for what it's worth cheri preston abc news your money at twenty and fifty past the hour on komo news money news at twenty and fifty past the hour brought to you by propel insurance from abc news wall street now stock markets haven't shaken last week's concerns about a possible trade war between the us and china those concerns brought down the dow jones industrial average for fifth straight trading day starts the week with loss of one hundred three points that's four tenths of a percent the s and p five hundred dropped six points the nasdaq was up a fraction microsoft is now condemning the trump administration immigration policy that's led to.

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