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Calibration tool the ideas. You you hold the iphone camera up to your tv's screen and that will adjust the color settings on your apple tv without having to dive into your televisions complicated settings. So robert herron who deals with actual calibration tools. We're curious because i've done it. Is this worth doing. Does it make sense as did make any difference. I think for most people. It is something you can skip or really not pay much attention to in the end. You'll always be better off. Simply going through your. Tv's picture presets and selecting the one that looks best to your. I forgive room environment. Typically your dark room. Viewing environments are the ones that benefit from. The most calibrated picture presets things that are labeled typically something like movie or cinema or something along those lines where you'll notice the color temperatures a little warmer. The pictures usually a little darker. And it's really made for you to have your is naturally dark adjust to really perceive that detail. I take note from what chris hainan. Who is a solid reviewer of audio video gear posted on his twitter feed last week where he went through that tool compared it to the results get with manual calibration and in the end it was not enough It was you. Were far better off. His final take was just stick with those picture presets and when it came to tools like Like the tv calibration tool. That's built into the apple. Tv it wasn't necessarily effective with all picture. Presets you really have to then still be very selective if you try to calibrate the vivid mode on your tv. It's really not gonna change very much because so much of that is already locked down the concept of being able to use a smartphone to calibrate a. Tv is something that's been around for a while. This is apple's latest version of their tool. Tcl in their iq software for mobile apps as also offered that feature as well. They generally work pretty good. But like i said. Stick with those legit presets. They're built in calibrated by the factory for a variety of room conditions. And just doing that can get you a good ways there in terms of having the ideal picture quality for whatever your room setup might be either something very bright or a very well controlled room for your eyes can really take advantage of accurate picture quality. I tried it out when the when the new tv os update came along..

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