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Publicly Malo than. Previously here. I am I mean I usually like I'm pretty comfortable with being on my own like with house sitting in everything I usually in doing it. By myself except there's usually animals which yeah. I don't have around now in my partners in a different city so sh- I've talked to a few people so my friends who are used to like doing the traveling thing like working from home in pretty much. All of them said like you know in in the before times like when everything was what it used to be they were quite happy was spending a lotta time at home on their own, but yet now they're like you know what I i. Definitely Mealy, some like even just sitting in a cafe with other people around. I definitely need some human like. Awareness or Or whatever I'm like! Yeah, yeah, you know I mean I. Don't WanNa like go party like you know three weeks all the time in like G. around thousands of people but yet. Even just going to cat I. Mean I don't know I feel like. Maybe I wouldn't be totally comfortable yet like it would be weird to just suddenly be in a cafe with like eighty people. Here it. Would I think going back tonight? Nomo and I think that. A lot going to be so much more aware of if this in the virus is still. Lingering around. It could come something like this. Happen again. Where was? They say it can happen again, and it probably will, but might be a different thing. Even songs quite bleak, it's. Come come be yes, sounds a bleak, but it's a bit reality I'm. The. You know we know. That Become David of low dancing, and we have measures to protect ourselves, but yet I think we will I think all of us hopefully will come back to it like as a bit more wearers. CAN INSPIRED KFC health. Is Able. He has people with the underlying. And illnesses that are. Going I while getting you know this is off what can now because of the underlying illnesses but. Look. Yeah, looking after health I thing is a key thing. I am and I. Mean just you know washing your hands more I mean I. I'm sure you know I've I've been lazy at times in like I, definitely spent. Lots of times in like airport bathrooms and been like wow, that guy just left didn't even pretend to wash his hands. It could hold on. Yeah at least manager like run the water for a second or some come on. Nine nine mile test. So I mean I'm hopeful that at the very least people will be like you know what maybe I should wash my hands a few more times in like the wrong day. Maybe. A hope, so yeah, I mean. Upon that but..

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