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College games and practices. We conducted 401 zoom calls. We interviewed 601 players and we attended 129 separate pro days. So that's just for good. Friend John just a little inside jab kind of foreign stuff. Always with Seahawks. You know, I heard Coach you play that this morning and then I think she's our way more effective if he doesn't explain it, So Marcus and I were just saying he's a gay. It's an inside joke like Mitch Hedberg, saying one of his jokes ago. See you get it because I Well, give me a Hedberg line. You know where he's like. Elevator could never break it only become stairs, See, because if it's it escalator stairs, really, If it's not working, I mean, you know, so can you explain a joke? It's not good. You know, you say that time explaining why you gotta disarm. Get the week with the Monarchs every week results in stares and blank stares, and I say, they said, explain, you just figure it out on your own figure out on your own. All right, right on then, finally, just to cap off the terrible week for Jimmy G. The Giants make a trade for Mike talking in the utility outfielder who hustles and plays hard. He's like the darling of this toast of the town right now. Turns out the guy played high school football against Garoppolo and picked him in high school. God sakes, Jimmy and Joey by the Bay Tragically hilarious, Polly. Here's talking and breaking it down. All right. The man who who picked me up from the airport asked me if it was true, So I was in the Bay Area for four minutes before somebody asked me about it. Um, but but, yeah, you know, at all right, So like it was a long time ago, and obviously e think we both made the right career.

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