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Another handful of games back into the schedule out of the break. I'm looking at three off days and like the first 12345 weeks, four off days in the first six weeks, they're getting about one off day weekend. Over the last couple of weeks, they've had a couple. At times they've had, like two within a five day span or to within a three day span like we saw a couple of weeks ago leave in Anaheim, even even last week. Uh, just a one day off last week anyway more from Alex Woodier talking about battling against those two guys, Aaron, Otto and Goldsman, who, by the way, getting the double play Tyler Rogers getting that double play in the eighth inning. Absolutely huge. After after Goldschmidt drives in that run, he gets Erin honor to bounce into the double play to get out of that inning. Maybe the biggest play we've seen in about a week for the Giants as far as saving a ballgame or Tyler Rogers getting out of it in the seasoning anyway, Here's Alex would talking about battling against those two giant killers. In the the Cardinal line of Aaron, Otto and Goldsman. Yeah. I mean, I mean, I feel like Goldman Arnada probably have at least 40 or so it bees off me. We've We've done a lot of battles over the years, and you know, those are two guys, You know, it's fun to compete against them. You know, it's it's a chess match, so to speak, You know, it's kind of my favorite part of pitching. You know, when you face guys so many times, they know you pretty intimately what you've done to him in the past how you plan to attack them. And so you know, just kind of moving the pieces around the board, you know, trying to execute and thought he did a really good job. By the way, would eighth win of the season drops his ER. Eight out of 3.67. He was on fire to start the year and as capital said, Nice to see a guy come out this aggressively when the team has not been been been great, especially knowing the offense had been put up a bunch of runs over the last couple. So five runs yesterday for the Giants to draw eight walks, struck out just seven times, then the sort of the moment of the game we were talking about this just a minute ago, this gay Johan Oviedo, the starting pitcher. For the Cardinals. Who hell of an outing Just kept checking that card over and over and over again, he thought the Giants were stealing signs from second base. He just kept going to that little index card they use. Look, if you're a left fielder or your shortstop, and you got one of those cards in your pocket, that doesn't bother me at all, because it doesn't stop the game for you to take a peek at it and say, Oh, boy, it's a 12 count. I should be standing four steps to my left. Is it kind of stupid? Sure, but it doesn't bother me because I don't notice it when the game's going on, If every time that the picture has the guy get on base he takes longer in between. Hitters are longer in between pitches because he's got to step off the mound, take his hat off and peek into that little index card. Now we're now we're messing with the the cadence of the game. We're messing with the the flow of the game. We're saying baseball's got to speed the game up. People aren't into this thing. How many times are Steph Curry stopped the game and take a peek at an index card to be like? Oh, yeah, I should be defending this guy to this side. No, you just don't play and I know No, they're different games. I understand It's different, not a perfect analogy. It's apples and oranges there. It's fine. I get it. My point is this just like if the catcher wants to have it, he wants to peek at it to give the signs to the picture. Fun. It doesn't stop the game. It doesn't bother anybody to do that. He's got to give the sign anyway. But the picture should not have And what Marcus, the water boy and I were just saying pictures often times Now you seem in the college World Series. They've got these sleeves on. With like a whole quarterback, Uh, like a bunch of plays. They've got to run their red zone plays. Their two minute offense is therefore minute offences. Whatever it is, they've got to run. It's just kind of it's getting. It's getting nonsensical. It's too much it makes its How can this It didn't help. He went four innings. He couldn't throw a strike. Dude walked four guys three strikeouts, two earned allowed to give up just three hits through 80 pitches over the four innings of work. It's like how effective is it? All I know is he played baseball for like, 120 years, 140 years without index cards, and now the picture needs an index card to decide which I know This is sounding like old man Get off my lawn, but I'm not because this is ridiculous. There's no reason for this anyway. At one point, he turns around, he starts barking at you, Stransky. Flores is at the plate, he says, F Or, he says, shut the blank up. Right. He's still he's still in. Yes, but he thinks he has his relaying signs to Florida's or something like that, Anyway, Here's a Stransky after the game, talking about this interaction, saying, Yeah, I didn't know what he was talking about. I was cheering my guy on. I was trying to be a little bit of a distraction. He's a rookie pitcher out there. These are head games we play here's Jastremski. Yeah, I think I mean, that's part of the game is the mental side, right? So any advantage that we can take over? You know, weather teams are paranoid, whether they think we're doing something that we're not. Um, it's just a way to hopefully get a distraction off the hitter and to get onto the base runner so they can't make their pitches. So, um, yeah, I definitely think that He had a lot of intent, thinking that I thought that I was relaying signs, which I wasn't I had nothing. They change their signs. Four or five times I had zero clue what was comment even when I you know, thought I could have possibly known what was coming. It was honestly the the opposite pitch, so Um, I was just trying to kind of keep the game going and keep the focus in the right direction. So were you pretty surprised him and he turned around and started yelling at you. I've never been in that situation before. Um, so, Yeah, I was a little surprised and didn't expect it. I don't think he was intimidated. He was just getting caught off guard like Yo dude, get the hitter. Usually pitchers heard that focused on and if they are, it's a step off and look at the guy back, You know, walking Stransky back to second base, Make sure he's not getting too big of a lead. But he's wrecked. That reaction was a little funky. He says he actually did not expect Oviedo to react the way that he did, He says, Uh yeah, he basically says I didn't expect him to turn around that way. After the bases loaded. I knew that they had changed their change signs at least three times while I was on second base. Um so I figured that they thought that I was doing it then. So I was like, I'm just gonna kind of keep wrong with. It's like, uh, Seeing a little little opening into into a window and trying to climb through it when you can't really do it, and you get a big hole and have an opportunity to Try and get the focus on you instead of the hitter. Um you know something that I thought was going to be something that to take advantage of whether it's just kind of moving around or, you know, changing whatever you're doing out there to make them think one thing and You know when in intern, it's not the case..

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