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Pause it right there Positive positive. So we are five lines into this song in a little while from now, if I'm not feeling any less sour I promise myself to treat myself and visit a nearby tower. Keeper's is going Gilbert and climbing to the top. We'll throw myself off. So we are five lines into the first stanza. Has already jumped off the tower. So that's when I when I used the hypothetical of a suicide did this. That's because I I I always come back to this song by Gilbert. Oh, so that's where I heard it several times. And then somebody somebody brought up. I don't know. Year two in tow Me hearing the song, You know that, you know, he's you know, climbing to the top of the tower and committed suicide. You realize what's happening and I went? No, I had no idea that's what he was doing. Even if the lyrics you know, some lyrics to songs are You know it could be muddled or depending on the style of the song of the style of the genre of music can be tough to toe understand that song's pretty well phrase pretty simply sung and yet to my You know, Tio my ear. It was like it. Never registered is there Is this one of those songs where it starts out? Sad And then earlier in the song he realizes maybe being alone isn't the worst thing in the world or something along those lines at the end of the song. Does he realize that life might be okay? One of those kind of storyline songs. Well, maybe not. I'll tell you what. I hear if you pause it, that's fine. Okay, So so we're.

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