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Your next move, yo? Right. Just think two steps ahead of the game. Well, you said quote, they refused. And I think part of it is that they honestly don't have any other options, but I think the bigger part of it is that they don't want to take the options that are available to them. Well, you said it yesterday on TV. You said, I'd be answering the spin off from jail. I'd be saying why I'm not going to fight the Japan from jet. As would the rest of us. And so whether it's inherent contempt and they use this stupid jail in the basement or whatever, I just, I don't know, because as you say, well, you tweeted where were you? Me trying to work out how long they'll stall before January 6th committee refers them to Garland for contempt and how long Garland will sit on it while the midterms approach. I think joy's read study yesterday, and she said, y'all are playing a different game. Like when they if they take back power, they will do all of this. And they'll use every tool for investigations, right? The first thing they will do is close down the January 6th committee. That will make all lawsuits that marry the one that Merrick Garland started against Bannon. If he ever starts one against any of these Congress people, that will make all contempt lawsuits, moots as soon as they close the committee down, right? Then this is what this is getting to joy's real point. What the Republicans will do is that they want that some other committee as you pointed out stuff, Kevin McCarthy is the brainchild behind Benghazi. They will literally invent some other tips to investigate and they will subpoena democratic Congress people. And they will threaten democratic Congress people. And when democratic Congress people don't show up, Republicans will not have what's the word I'm looking for. The spinelessness to not go after them, even though they will be going after Democrats on completely trumped up made up charges. Well, I get that. Going and again, when I say I'll settle for chat for checkers, that's what's going to happen, all right? This is not, this does not take a crystal ball. You do not have to be miss Cleo to figure out the next three, four, 5 steps. What you have to do is figure out some way to counteract that and the Democrats are always always always are flat footed and unwilling to take to do what is necessary. I mean, we can't control what the DoJ does, right? I get that. They can make referrals, but it seems like if inherent contempt is the power we do have, why not use it? Do you know, do you understand any argument for why not? To use inherent context. Before the January 6th committee started out. No, I'm asking you to argue the other side because I honestly don't know what their argument is for why not. It's untested, and it would maybe cause Civil War. I mean, I'm trying to, it has inherent contempt. Factually, inherent concept hasn't been used for a while. So the idea that we would use it again, something we haven't used for a while is apparently scary to the people who are investigating a coup for the first time in a while, all right? So that's number one, I guess. And number two is inherent contempt is sergeant of arms goes and physically absconds with some Congress people. Right. That's a tough, that's a tough look. You know, one of the things that I said when I was arguing for inherent contempt way back in 2020, I was like, can the sergeant of arms of a Congress fight because, you know, has he in shape? There's going to be some Kung fu fighting. If you're going to actually try to put him in Nancy Pelosi's basement, right? So there's a physical I'm literally just trying to think about the other side here. There's a physicality to inherit contempt that is a real bad look on the national stage, especially when you are just when you try to overcome an attempt at physical takeover of the government. So I understand the reluctance. I understand even maybe trying it out this way first. But like the time, that time ended at least a year ago. Well, that's the thing. When you say it hasn't been used, all of this is unprecedented, what we're going through right now, the overthrow of the United States government, Congress people being involved in a coup to overthrow the United States government. But remember, it's not unprecedented in Europe. Right. Right. It's not unprecedented in the Caribbean. Countries that have lost their democracy. This is about what they look like, right? This is about what happens. Like I said on joy last night, a coup that is not punished is just practice for the next one. Yep. And so the history, the world's mystery will tell us that if we do not punish these people who tried to overthrow the government, they will just keep trying until they succeed. Right. So yes, it's unprecedented in the American context, but like let's not be the classic yabo American traveling the world as if we're the first person to discover it. Let's not Columbus world history here, okay? Like there are things that happen now that Americans could be looking towards to see what's going to happen next. Yeah. Well, do you take any solace? I feel like we're just any crumbs. I'm a woman, so any women's rights. I can get back. I'll take the crumbs, but justice was federal prosecutors have begun a grand jury investigation into whether classified White House documents that ended up at Trump's Florida home, were mishandled. I want to jump ahead and say, yes, that's miss handling them. The intensifying inquiry suggests the DoJ is examining the role of Trump and other officials in the handling of classified material. I mean, let's not even bring up Hillary. Our heads will explode, but okay. So the decision to move forward with an investigation into classified documents could draw the department even deeper into the country's political tensions. I love the way they report on this. Such investigations typically take at least a year, putting Garland on the path of potentially having to conclude it at the same time Trump is running for president again. Oh my God, Ellie, right? We couldn't prosecute him when he was president. Now he might be too close to president again. Are you kidding me? With what they did to Hillary. Who cares if that's all you got? If that's all you got, then who cares? Because mishandling classified documents while bad and certainly would be terrible if a woman did it. It's not a jail term thing. It's a fine, right? That you get if you get convicted for that as you put it years after the offense. And if that's all you got, you know, there's I remembering my Game of Thrones, right? When Ned Stark comes and he's gone, I got the will and then and Cersei just whips it up. 'cause like if all you got is a piece of paper, then that's not gonna be enough Merrick. And then the idea that Merrick Garland would be so afraid. I mean, think about what they've done to us, right? Yeah. We stopped four years with Robert Mueller, telling us what we can't prosecute because of the office. Now he's out of office. Now we've got now we spent two years with Merrick Garland saying we can't prosecute him at all. Then we're going to get to the point where America runs as well. It's too close to the election to prosecute. Like what are they think we're sacks? Do they think we can't see what's going on here? It's very frustrating. Obviously, but like the bottom line is that it's like I used to say during the mall

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