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Uh-huh I mean again the knock on stop going in and the the naysayers would be like well he he didn't have the same kind of he didn't crawl the same fire that whitaker call through to get there like yeah that's fine I guess but when you got when you got one man you know Brad to vars when he fought him was no pun I and I've always been established a fan I thought the Brat vars fight was very tough for him Emma's decision but I thought that was gonna be a tough fight for him so then they give him Brunson not an easy fight man Brunson's a tough customer knocked him start yet Brenton Makita and Brunson awesome let's be honest and Silva so he starts Brunson who who is a grappler not a great Matt stylistically if you WanNa look at that paper like led to Kim Russell's ass off stop backgrounds not wrestling so that could be a dicey fight for them peace I mean him and Derek Brunson were in this thing class I mean he just out classic Brunson Dancing Silva Okay Kennedy is thinking it's Anderson Silva Oh you should knock them out it's fucking sin sale for me when when do you when you see Anderson we'll get knocked up ones like falls up he's fucked up or goofing around you it's fucked up it's Anderson Silva beat him especially for for an Silva being one of the goats and being a guy that stop inter looks up to and kind of outshine him out kind of showman him inside that Actin impressive the Kelvin gasoline who we're not getting enough credit as it is I think he's number four that's for the in term belt and to me it's still one of the greatest in middleweight history top three for me probably number one because the most recent so I absolutely love that fight but what what Kelvin and him put on the line and almost stopped Kelvin that fight had been stopped that's how good of a fight it was but that fight could have been stopped so you go from there you Robert Whitaker and I think Robert Whitaker you know you can say oh you know he is the champ and his fights you'll remember those are fantastic but I if you're not in you're not active like style bender has all assets his he had all the reasons to beat them I didn't think he'd beat them this quick but fuck that he looked I don't think you've really got hit really barely to moderate role enrolled with a lot of huge role with so he he just looked so got him good and I I put this out well. UFC has their do your biggest star has landed and this is where I come from with that everyone is oh not your biggest star could be while that I think to be is your biggest star internationally because you've got Russia right Russia's such a powerful fan base in so begging has issues with car McGregor Connors not active enough where connor be number one I still think most famous fighter on the planet because he crossed over the pop culture and there's reasons for that now think could be well crossover the pop culture this just not his brand but he dipped his toe in there because it connor the whole you know jumbo the cage and all that does best thing he's ever you know he's really done marketing wise he's the champion and everyone's scared of them he's never lost a round so it could be gone for could be only has one or two fights left right it made me to laughter but when you look at style bending you look at what makes a star I'll argue with anyone that he has by far the he gets potential they have in the NFC by far by far You look you just just overall the package of a fucking superstardom he checks every single box internationally Africa you have forgiven Zealand Australia you these huge huge markets obscene America he's getting big the hip hop culture embraces him he embraces he's he's active on social media he has his own podcast I forget the name of it does he do it with Hooker I think he does it with Hooker yes so he does a podcast with hooker was your cobaine event he's here here's thing one of the reasons why love style Benner he's a smart dude he's very very intelligent I'll see his ring. IQ's huge is cage IQ's is huge but just his vocabulary and the way he puts things together an announcement the kids check in all the fucking box axes to get to next level so you know part of the reason what makes Guy Superstars is people have to love you you need your die hard fans which he has but you need your haters you've gotTa have the hate US 'cause you need people to tune into watch you lose style Benner has that for whatever reason I think it's because he's a confident person that rubs people the wrong way people can mix up confidence cockiness but when you're you're inside that occupan I'm fine with the guy being ocoee 'cause you're fighting other grown men and still cage and your underwear and you got to have the confidence to go on there and do work and that cockiness can almost be a character you bring into the cage I never hold that against anybody but I think a lot of times people don't like a guy who's very confident and successful it triggers a lot of people mainly users but it triggers a lot of people so for style Benner he checks those boxes so when I see people hate on them I there's not a lot to hate on so what are you waiting on how can you sit back and nitpick unstop and what's what's there to hate on and I look at the recipe of frigging super start him but he's at man he's at he's at he's also super ally anime and comics anime mar martyred yeah he he's fashion he he checks out he checks all those boxes break dancing break-dancing his entrance Fuckin- dope you know you look at the difference between the entrance of style bender and whitaker and they're interested I mean that's that's them that's a personality right that was not gain I think and listen to us he's not stupid they know how to build superstars they are gonNA ride this Israel odd asana style Bender Rocket Fuck into the Mon to the moon man to it's very rare you get this combination and of talent charisma IQ brains he's funny you get all that in one you can't write this shit when these guys come on along the that's when the Conor McGregor you know Lou Thomas had a really funny tweet I get nervous going live on youtube Israel on is dancing in unison with a team during his walkout in front of the biggest live crowd and UFC history that's hilarious it's showtime maybe you know that's what these guys do that's what these guys do it was the biggest live gate right of all time most watched by gate officially here's what's interesting about that is it but it it wasn't as big as connor Nate Diaz or connor as far as moneywise so that means the tickets real cheap or the about a shitload of tickets 'cause I said same damn like biggest life give what time beat beat home rowzee all that slow your roll someone sent this to me I forget who I was given credit shout whoever sent this to me but they go don't get it twisted because it's the biggest you'll see two forty three fifty seven thousand fifty thousand least you'll see live ever pride shockwave goes hold my Dick here's one thousand hold my Japanese Dick has seventy one dozen probably Tokyo it's but so you got fifty seven thousand and that Beats Route the home by about a thousand right but saint-pierre shields Walea or two thousand less UFC Verdun St Bay forty five thousand dollars with all those gates are bigger so it's something to look at them and it's crazy to think about being a fan there though because like you saw it was so flat like in between worthy of good no you're just looking at a screen basically just there to say you're there I'm telling you man I I went to win saint-pierre shields in Toronto and they're like ants fighting I went up to talk to meet with a sponsor up like in the sweets and I'm like oh I mean the fuck are we doing who would pay for tickets you just watch on big screen but you're there you know deal with parking getting out of here the nightmare I'd I'd be interested what the fans thought of the perform you know just the overall expense when it's that big but they interesting about that yes biggest attended you'll see all time but the ticket price something to you think about you know doesn't matter they still did that they still did that and whitaker's a huge huge name over there Auburn beats him so I just think it it just for business for the listen I like both guys I love Robert Whitaker I love style better but for as a business black and white they're probably pretty happy that stop better when this fight 'cause you bring you in working on breakfast club gone rogue and he and do all the big shows here you know sway in the morning you can do all that stuff with your cat he just he's just not his cup of tea there's nothing wrong with that would phenomenal fighter bobby knuckles baby love that nickname so I just thought stop assist with flying colors I thought it was a matter of stabiner being so goddamn good worker having some time off but even without the time off at you know that I still think style Benner gets it done but not like that Jesus Christ man would you leave the game plan we came in with I I haven't seen a great game plan again style better besides Kevin Gasoline made it a war but don't get it twisted coming up up he he he got nasty he made a scrap which you can't sit back on the outside and fight style better like that you really can't so he went in there and made it a phone booth fight but that's fine you can do that he got fucked up man face was yeah yeah seem whitaker was almost trying to replicate gasoline's kind of game plan he was almost fighting a little light gas dilemma you know coming in with flurries and stuff yeah I here's the other thing about stubborn to they got a notice is so a year ago for and you see now he's the world champion so he's downloading this data of mixed martial arts faster than anybody else in the business you look at the his take on offense you look at his movement how comfortable he's in the cage the fun factor he even says when I'm fun I'm going to win so you just get more and more comfortable take down offense getting better I I'm curious when he does fight a guy and Kelvin has that but he really didn't executed he- Kelvin does what he does best in just makes a fucking more but if he when he fights a real grappler because style benders striking is so much Benin what he's GonNa fight there's nobody even close with his resume for striking goes so it's muscle memory for him he his ceiling for striking there you know if we're playing the video game he's at ten we don't have eleven twelve he's got a ten everybody else he's GonNa fight about eight seven six so I don't know how much better striking skin get his him being comfortable in the moment is is what he's working on out assume his transition this from grappling the striking's what he's always working on and he's only been doing that for how long how long have you been doing that so to me the only time or I would be not worried because he so God damn good and he's so smart and download the data but when he fights guy who can really chain russell so when you stop the initial shot you know say of a Brunson or Kelvin Gas Wall if you look at a guy like Habib UK like DC when they get your leg the leg that's an assignment to take down what they're doing they're getting your leg and they're waiting for you to make the move because we're gonNA chain wrestle so you might have that say if you're crazy high level but your background not wrestling you might have three moves to get out of that single leg well could be DC these hi Ben Aspirin their ten steps ahead they know what you're Wizar- they know your hips you know this way you're chugging out this way and they're gonNA wait for you to run out of moves and then the in a double down on it so I'm interested to see how style bender deal to you I'm I'm looking at the division I I mean you'll Romero off the super high low wrestling but he doesn't really fucked with it he doesn't do it so I think he I think he pieces up you'll Romero I know Paula coastas next and I look at this I think stabbed me you champ for a long time and this is why the US's going to grab onto the back of his fucking shoulders and ride him to the fucking moon man 'cause they need a they need a big star they need the Big Star you're going to see him on all this on all this fucking marketing and media and the face of C I look at the division I don't know who's GonNa fuck with that guy who's GonNa fuck with him go through it pollock Kosta it's an interesting trump he's dangerous with fuck knockout power he's bigger he's rangy but when he talked about XS and Os and execution and fundamentals Dobbins GonNa piece him up here's what else is in about the Holocaust oh fight Kosta has a phenomenal Chin style bender is wipe him up like a Brazilian Christmas tree and you're gonna see the skill set of Staub in that fight so I think that's a showcase fight four style bender defense when what did y'all romantic oh shit the suits for real but I- stylistically I it's actually an easier fight from them whitaker I don't think he's as supposedly whitaker I don't think he's fundamentally sound as whitaker and I think Israel is gonna be able to see that and with his background and striking he's GonNa fucking.

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