President Biden, New Jersey, Senator Ted Cruz discussed on Charlie Parker


Republicans like Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who supported overturning President Biden's election victory of using the tactics of abusers. She also says Republicans want her to apologize for telling the truth. Snow storm on the East Coast continues to affect Americans. Despite slowing down since Monday, Things are still treacherous across the Northeast. One person is dead in Pennsylvania as this winter storm slams 70 Million Americas from Georgia always remain parts of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, still under those states of emergency this morning. And that is restricting travel in New Jersey 661 crashes reported so far since the storm began. Parts of New England want more than a foot of snow on the ground before the storm tapers off tomorrow evening, while parts of New Jersey recorded 30 inches of snow, and it is ground hog day and according to punks, a tawny Phil, we will see six more weeks of winter. Democrats and Republicans are still at odds over how to handle a potential coronavirus relief bill on the heels of their own $618 billion counter to Mr Biden's $1.9 Trillion Plan. 10 GOP senators made the snow encrusted trek over to the White House, hoping to find common ground to advance a covert relief package. A discussion about the best way to get millions of Americans the help they need, which remains priority one on Capitol Hill. But while Democrats are threatening to use reconciliation to move forward without Republican There are growing concerns about the ballooning relief tab. All told, the government has spent in excess of $6 trillion since the very beginning of the pandemic, including a fresh 900 billion past just in December. Money that still hasn't been spent. Which is why something rushing yet another bill less than two months later, is a bad idea. We're seeing another drop in the areas covet positivity rate, Metrohealth reported. The rate at is now an 11.4%, which Mayor Ron Nirenberg calls a significant decline. Judge Nelson.

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