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As far as fossil fuels. Nosso oiling ashtray. And it's concerning it. It's really concerning canadians telling themselves about why this happened. I mean it's one thing to be like well. President biden wanted to cancel it but he has to have push pressure behind him to do it so that in and that's where the web starts getting pretty deep or whatever. But i made that. We don't do ourselves any favors in canada because we are. We are at a point where we're not really energy sufficient rated ourselves by staying within the borders of canada. It was one videos that i did have gals called energy. East kind of This this summer there. Were you know our crude oil comes. From alberta airing candidate were also on sex larger second largest oil producers in canada. Here scheduled in what we do right now is mostly what you see on. The eastern coast to canada's is eastern. Canada actually imports oil from saudi russia venezuela. Us Instead of keeping canadian oil flowing across canada or desk all the energies pipeline. This is back in two thousand seventeen. I believe it was when it got. Actually it was a plan from a from. Tc energy with a pipeline was only fifteen hundred kilometers of additional wine that needed to be built on top of existing infrastructure which were to take him Oil from hardisty alberta all the way to to the refineries in saint johns new brunswick alberta crude is a is a requires a little bit of special attention to be able to refine and we actually don't supply enough of it to eastern canada. Were wound up. Happening is tc energy got got kyw botched after our our fearless leader. Justin overpower in candidate here. And what we've done lately Is in in the wave of the pandemic. that's been going on. We actually want to have an issue to special permits for it but we actually shipped a low low several loads of crude From from the oil sands in alberta which actually wound up having to come backwards down over up.

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