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I get tired of folks say, well, you know, this person's a nice guy that person but night got that don't have a damn thing to do whether or not he shoot or he can play. We can put the ball on the floor. He could spend or whatever the case may be you need to can. Or you can't market. There's a whole bunch of brothers in the NBA that are pretty damn good people. All right. But that don't nobody's wishing for them to do. Well, they ride the bench or whatever. 'cause you use the player. You can't monk helpful is the former number one overall pick. And you know, what I pay attention to more than anything else. It's not just about what he can do. It's about what the other dudes can do that you passed up on to take him. So let's go down the list. You got a guy by the name of Jason Tatum. That was taking number three overall. Not what's he not only was he taking number three overall the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers traded up from the third spot to move up to the number one spot forcing it a first round pick and still passed on him in favor of Marquel, folks. I'm sorry. It's a team with your division. Not just your conference, which are division that pass up. Jason tatum. A right or rather than that allowed you to train up to get you more careful, and they knew they were going to get paid them all along you got to show me something you can't get out on the court. You gotta jump shot with people literally applauding because for the first time, you actually hit it three point shot that they're begging you literally clamoring for you inside of the wells Fogle Senate and Philadelphia Pennsylvania because you will why. Open what seventeen foot baseline jumper, and you would have taken shot that is unacceptable. You the number one overall pick in the draft number one one of the leader score in the nation coming out of college. I understand you had injury understanding mess. Mature shots understand that you got to get things together before you can do certain things. But dammit, you gotta do it. That's what the number one pick is all about Brett Brown coach of the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers. He's on the phone with me talking last year. And we're talking about why don't you play in law? Kill balti- show me some promise he can put the ball of the floor, coach wives, and he planned and the man did everything he could to dance around telling me what he honestly felt which was the guys got up his knowledge and understanding of the game of basketball the plays that are being called him. How to utilize parts around him? So he can be the player that a number one picking supposed to be that's basketball, fellas. And so when I look at Marquel faults. I'm expecting. I'm not hoping I'm expecting him to at least show me that he's got Dane, and he ate the second coming of some Kwame Brown. That is me that is who I am. And dammit, I ain't changing. Nah, appreciate you. Keeping it one hundred when you paint the picture that way. Obviously it was a competitive draft. They trade up to get him. You have Donovan Mitchell in that same draft. Josh Hart coups Ma Dennis Dennis Smith. There's a lot of very talented players in that draft..

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