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It's a horrifying book although it is shot through with real pingpong dialogue in these theological exchanges almost feels like something out of our catholic minded screwball comedy would have god was good invent something plainly speaking it's allows lousy ideas not popular thought has a winner you go mining god who should i blamed phil rizzuto who wouldn't want to live forever that you you get bored hobbies but at the end of the block kindermann his soul harrowed all faith in humanity destroyed those into a coffee shop with his partner he has an argument with the counter man who's a roth kind of fellow sits down in a booth turns was partner and delivers a blistering monologue about the absence of god and how a world where this kind of evil can happen meanwhile in the background unnoticed by kindermann or partner he speaking to a homeless man has come into the diner and the countermand chases an out angrily but before he throws them out the door he handsome a sack of hamburgers because the man's hungry it's a simple act of human kindness unnoticed by any of the main characters but blatty felt that that was his evidence for the existence of god the blatty satan is the clothes fist while god was the open hand gravy hendricks author of paperbacks from hell remembering william peter blatty lety died earlier this year from a form of blood cancer he was eighty nine this is npr news starting december twenty seven things are heating up for a planet that orbits the brightest star in ares the ram the sars expanding to become a giant so it's pumping more energy into space that will make temperatures extremely uncomfortable on the planet the star is hummel it's high in the south in early evening almost directly above the moon amal is at the end of its life it's converted the original hydrogen fuel in its core to helium now it's getting ready to fuse the helium to make other elements that's making the core hotter which in turn has caused the.

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