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Exit at Williamstown road m fourteen eastbound at Sheldon acts left lane traffic stop and go from Beck. Road m. thirty nine the Southfield south Ford road that accident cleared on four eastbound at north river road. Right lane closed for construction traffic is slowing from nine mile I ninety four eastbound after. Twenty six mile extra right shoulder I seventy five northbound near I. Three seventy five the right lane of the I seventy five Fisher northbound ramp to I seventy. Five, Chrysler north bodice closed due to construction through August thirteenth. Traffic is slowing back to, grand river avenue Hines. Drive between outer drive in Ann Arbor trail, that is closed due to flooding your weather forecast tonight scattered showers and thunderstorms then periods of. Showers possibly. A thunderstorm after ten pm low around sixty nine Wednesday scattered showers, and thunderstorms mostly Cloudy with a, high near eighty four Wednesday night partly cloudy low sixty, four, right now eighty two degrees From the townhall dot com newsroom a judge handed down a life. Sentence today to the man accused of killing a former, marine and, the human trafficking. Of a teenage girl Trayvon Baskerville shot Douglas Kowloon known. To many in Detroit a chef Doug last June the. Teenage girl received immunity for her cooperation and testified the Baskerville would set up sexual meetings. Through a website Calhoun allegedly argued with Baskerville over the terms of the meeting and was. Shot by Baskerville he later dumped Kowloon's body in a trash bin inside a, vacant home on Burgess street the judge sentenced. Into sixty to one. Hundred years in prison on each count the polls will be, open until eight o'clock this evening is Michigan residents will be selecting their choice at a number of races including who will be the next governor and voters in Wayne, Oakland and McCollum counties. Are also being asked to renew funding for the suburban mobility authority for regional transportation better known as smart I'm Kevin Sanderson reporting on the patriot. FM one. Zero one point five and AM fourteen hundred Now.

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