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Gene and it's will about what recipes come from which region and the italians loves food and it's part of what they do is part of their life and i think the fact that they are very particular is great they weren't particular then denied the quality would this be as good agree therefore soho describe what will we have in front of us and we have a doctor cake this been on the menu for a long time and it's one of us at a favorite sits a soft chocolate cake made with this seventy percent chocolate and it's mix with we make a kind of eggc and cream and there's no flour and the cake and we've ac poach the cake in about murray so he's got the most extraordinary texture and tell might try try it it's really brings out the flavor the chocolates you have a really good chocolate for this and it's cooked at very low temperatures you not burning the chocolate and it's interesting mentioned there is no flow because it's so fluffy is all i don't know how to describe it it's it's very very lawyer lisa chocolate cake santa butter but we w's ashley use double which we with up and the me melts him but the chocolate and the eggs and the sugar and then we fold in the egg whites and says becomes like a souffle and then it's poured into a pan and put it into the boundary and is baked in the oven for about forty minutes at one hundred and ten degrees celsius so it's very much a color like cooking but what you do get his fantastic texture and as you can see is a little bit of whisky in there as well on whiskey and chocolate are two of the greatest ingredients have it's an extra combination i have the person inc when it comes to desserts i think less is more in some ways you know so i love the look of a was simple cake rich extra quite hard to make in some ways whoa whoa whoa just one less is more is part of my favorite term when it comes in because the thing about food is if is overcomplicated says to me thinks the taste so you've got great ingredients he wants to keep as simple as possible.

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