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The empty net. That's putting by Mika Salamat. What two twenty four to go. That'll do it. The natural predators at this battle the top two teams in the league. Welcome peck, arena back to the lineup here this evening and score four times after surviving a second period and an onslaught by the Tampa Bay Lightning to win this one four one so Kellyanne Croker give the predators the cushion. They were looking for with three eighteen left. Extend the lead to three one yet. Again, another beautiful pass from Ryan Johannesen. Yeah. Just an incredible play their lead the two on one down the ice. And it was just patient enough to make a move that we see and make all the time. He kinda slides it from his forehand to his backhand. And with the kind of the wingspan than he has. It's very difficult to take the puck away from him. Makes a nice backhand pass over to Cagliari croak. He's able to put that puck away which by the way back to back games with a goal for Kellyanne croak since he's moved up in the lineup. So another good play by Ryan Hansen there to really really good assists from him tonight. And I've said this on Twitter, I'm al-. I'm always talking about Ryan, Joe Hanson, and you know. Needing to shoot the puck more meaning to put more pucks on net. And I still think he needs to. But when he's passing the puck like he's been passing the puck so far this year. Maybe they just need to get out of the way and let him let him be a playmaker. Because he is serving that puck up on a platter for his teammates. So far this year, and he's playing at probably the highest level. He's played at in the regular season since he's been a member of the team. It's been a really really good start for Ryan Johannesen, two more assists for thirteen on the year. We talked about that in pre-game leads the way on the team and what he's on pace for thirteen assists in game thirteen. So he is right now. Assist a game. Yeah. That's not a point per game assist assist per game. I don't think he's gonna finish with eighty two. But. Who knows? I mean, if we were talking about the points. Yeah. He's got a chance. Now when you think about collecting all these assists in a vegan start putting together even more goals for with twenty goals. Fifty-five you're talking about seventy five eighty points. If you get the right number of cyst, what's realistic? We can do and what he can do goal wise talking about seventy five eighty point season for Ryan joins. And let's remember I mean Viktor Arvidsson wasn't in the lineup tonight out day to day with a lower body injury. Did not play in tonight's game. So they kind of had to jumble up the lines a little bit. And if you take a look at some of the underlying numbers in this game, the advanced analytics, it was not a good night for the predators in that department, but Ryan's Johansson finished in the positive in that number which was incredible. When you take a look kind of their their overall team stats. He was the only predators player to finish in the positive in that number. So just he's been he's been incredible. So far this year. He really has. He's been consistently good night in night out. And I think when he's playing at this. Level. And I've said this before I think it totally transforms what this team can be offense. And he's doing it doing that right now. And that's a large reason why the predators are off to the ten and three starts at their off to. Because fellow Balki finishes the night off with the empty netter predicate away with the four one victory only twenty four shots on the game. But didn't need a ton of shots. They collect the two points and the win and win four one back home on Saturday to host the Bruins back for more on the post game show fifth. Third Bank Nashville predators.

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