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That was taking place during the break i make this not up these two court jesters with whom i work on tuesdays are laughably insufferable and so the back and forth was actually this because they weren't listening to anything we say and because they're always just looking for ways that they could bring more attention to themselves greg cody looks up from his computer screen where he just looking up his name and what's this green screen challenge and he just spends the whole show what are people saying about me he he looks up from his computer and he says to stu gods so johnny knoxville gives you credit for the movie that he's making stu gods and stugatz response looking up from probably wagers that he's making on you know tennis matches or the coca cola six hundred it's legal now and stu gods looks up its computers not link oh i think you'd be kwasi looks up from his computer after greg cody says tim so johnny knoxville gives you credit for this movie that he's making and through god's response does he and then the conversation flows easily from their both of them just soaked in their own ignorance well i got multiple reports last week i got one report it sounds like if i'm alex and you got one report from an egg on twitter i saved it it's not an egg his name is keith i saved it and it says in quotes by the way because johnny knoxville was on with howard stern last week i decided to make the movie action point after hearing stu gods talk about it quoting johnny knoxville put it in quotes dan so let me to believe that this was an actual conversation jenkins where why aren't the chickens back out the kentucky front later amount i feel like he's making plenty of good points right now there's no way that this is a lie all right let him let let's hear him out and see if at some point at summons the chicken let's please make keith is quoting johnny dogs yes yes.

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