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It's the other more beneficial bugs that scientists are worried about summer flying. Insects like native bees moths butterflies ladybugs. Love bugs may flies fireflies appear to be less abundant last year. Study found an eighty two percent midsummer decline in the number and weight of bugs captured in sixty three nature preserves in Germany compared with twenty seven years earlier. It was one of the few if only. Broad studies. Scientists say similar comparisons can be done. Elsewhere because similar bug counts were done decades ago. Most scientists say lots of factors caused the apparent decline in flying insects suspects include habitat loss, insecticides a single crop. Agriculture invasive species light pollution highway, traffic and climate change. Governments around the world are trying to improve the situation in the US. For example, Maryland is an a three year experiment to see a planting be friendly native wildflowers helps. The Ford Motor has been told to pay customers in Thailand as AP correspondent charlesdale does. My reports it has to do. With faulty transmissions, a ordered food to pay two hundred ninety one customers the total though the seven hundred thousand dollars in compensation the selling cars equipped with full transmissions, the Bangkok south civil court's decision has been welcomed as a victory in the country that consumers rarely win redress. Most of the plaintiffs in the cost action suit will get payments of eight hundred to eight thousand dollars each depending on the number of times and length of time that cost took to be repaired. Ford has said in a statement that it respected the court's verdict. Faulty transmissions also being targeted by consumer legal action in the US and Canada. I'm Charles Ledesma. Shipwreck off the coast of Rhode Island could be the vessel eighteenth century explorer, captain James, Cook used to sail around the world, researchers with the Rhode Island marine archaeology project are leading the search effort. Yes, trillion National Maritime Museum health identify the ship. It's one of thirteen shipwrecks that have been known for years to be in the harbor near Newport Rhode Island nearly two hundred fifty years ago ship the endeavour helped cook become the first European to chart Australia's east coast. He used.

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