Bruce, FBI, Adam Schiff discussed on Michael Berry


We told you yesterday that Trump had ordered the declassification of key documents. Related to the FBI investigation of Russian actions during the two thousand sixteen presidential election, including portions of the Carter page Fiso warrant application and FBI reports connected to the application FBI reports on interviews with Bruce or and text messages of James combing, former FBI director, Andrew McCabe has number two. Peter Strasbourg the presser and printer his lover Lisa page at the Justice department, and Bruce or don't sleep on Bruce. Or I think before it's all over Brazil, of course, married to the woman at fusion GPS, Bruce, or I think before all of this is over is going to be a name that you remember from all of this in the way that you remember John Mitchell from the Nixon administration or Haldeman or early. I think that Bruce or is going to be a name the longer we dig into this. I think it's going to be a name worth. Remembering the White House says the document released requests are being made quote at the request of number of committees of congress, and for reasons of transparency, and isn't it interesting that the media can't find it in their hearts to be happy? That this information is being revealed. They're very eager to quote, Adam Schiff, a very very liberal member of congress and the leaker. They're very eager to quote him saying there's a red line..

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