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Got a one-way ticket to politico. It was it was something Jimmy was a real. It was a stressful. That's why I was whistled to the fucking cage. Right. If I George I'll give fuck I made some money. But what do we got? I wanna see this is this doesn't go. This is all here we go. Here we go. I want to see this this one Speedo. What's a story? I want to know I gotta story a little bit. We'll see audience know. Yeah. Yeah. Grizz tattoo. I mean, he's got this guy's he's how old is he let me double check a little bit older one. I think. Yeah. Thirty in the red and immediate action here in the. Yeah. Boy, puts them. Fast. I like the second. He got to the cage he lowered his level. What should grave your hand hand hand underneath your opponents? But there's no more strong. There's no more sprawl and he pulls them right away from the case this week as well. Yeah. Dot is. This is pretty much a beating up eating to the end. Yeah. This is the. All right now, he's trying to get up. And then he's doing the right thing. Yeah. He's thirty eight one eight thirty eight thirty eight years old out. I'll tell you. He looks at Shane. The guys forty forty-eight. That's the problem. That's that. Hungry though, man, he's thirty eight. This is I fight a big fight on his first name. You're talking about. Yeah. He's twenty nine just the Frazier. So yeah. This is just. You know, so Pfizer a little bit more big. Vetoed. All thirty eight years old. It's pretty amazing. He's looking good at thirty eight. Yeah. Yep. That's like these. Habib beating. Your head is there. My brother-in-law Edgewood is is like thirty eight or something I'm going to have to get him. I'm going to have to get one a spin number and find out what he's eating because my. I gotta tell Edwin this guys your age, you gotta get those ads. Someone that guy should be the grizzly bear is some maybe underneath somewhere. Just a Frazier. Doesn't have you know. He's a no nobody's got. Nobody's got right now. Why headlock? Not that. Saying when it gets from bad to worse. Yeah. Well, that's what Justin's feeling right now at one on his back. Yeah. And there's only five minutes. Like a heavyweight spider monkey look at him. This ain't good. No. Because out and take your tells me Chilton hasn't been working those back escapes while you're doing a good job. Jimmy, this ain't going. Well, no stock. He's trying to grab his neck softening them up with punches to the head. This is we should announce these fights. And the man in blue is on top of the man in red. And he's hitting him really hard. Ouch. Ouch. That looks like it hurts. Ouch. Any strikes back from the bottom. Can we? Oh, my God back escape and now he's back up against the case. Now here he comes. I don't know. He as much hippie fucking slip out of there to look at a need of the big belly. That's a big belly. Let's go to the finish. That's a big belly. I know come on get with. I'm sorry. I wanna give one is do. Yeah. No hearing on America. He stretching the man's arm out man is not happy. Jimmy, the man's arms. Are both stretched out. Hiney, and that's not good. Well, how much time is left. Those at three thirty six of the first round. So, but it just felt like it was forever. That was not the prettiest the prettiest, you can't blame. What happens? You know? They listen. Hey, they're not all get a beef in. They don't have to Forrest Griffin. You know, they don't have to be the not all going to be myself..

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