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So today is the inauguration day. I suppose we spend some amount of time discussing that. I guess so i mean i didn't pay any attention to it other than being aware that it was happening because you know what we do here. Is we look at the news and see what's going on so we can comment on it but all of the news today is just about the inauguration and various people's takes on it just like yeah you coronated king and that's pretty much it. I can tell you so. I had to pop in and out of my car several times. Today i actually turned the radio off of npr at some point. Because there aren't a lot of choices for radio shows here in little share new hampshire. You get either the commercial stuff which is how we can Who you know on commercial radio or you get npr and basically npr just could not stop lavishing praise on the new administration. So i'll rattle off to you here real quick. Donald trump didn't go to the inauguration of joe biden. He gave out that he gave out some pardons early in the morning. None of them were any of the guys that we were looking for. They were not snowden the size award ulbricht and that was the most frustrating thing about. Because that was what i did. When i first woke up today i was like shirley. 'cause i woke up afternoon so obviously if he was going to pardon people he would have already done so she swore on strom. Thurmond strom thurmond. Who's the other guys. Thurgood marshall's really odd com. Mix up of two names there. Thurgood marshall's bible. Does he significant so that. Is it just their religious ceremony. I think you can pick the bible that you will swear on if you let me of something i'd like to ask you what if you are You know in that position a position where you were to swear in. And i presume you expected to do that as sheriff sure they asked you. What were you going. What are you gonna swear in on. I would use the tennis of the temple of satan. And where did you write that stuff. I didn't write that one. Okay so this is anton le'veon's crap. Yes okay. I did read Way back in the day his little book the satanic bible which is like weird. I really satanists. And i like blue cheese dressing like to this really hated seven tenths of satanism actually pretty good. They're very libertarian. at heart. okay. I'll take your word for it. Did you wanna go over those. At some point i pull them up now. We'll go later if you don't have them ready to go. I will say that. I did know that. Kamala harris was the first woman. The first african american the first asian to ever be vice president. I don't care but part of me would rather have well. I mean if i had to choose between the two i would rather trump still be president really over biden okay but defend that statement trump. At least made me laugh. He is he is. He's good for a few chuck unpredictable in the sorts of things he would do like he ban trans people from serving in the military. Which is something that. I absolutely supported him. Doing you support that. Because i don't think anyone should be allowed to serve in the military. The more groups we eliminate from being able to serve in the military the better. I don't like any group in particular being singled out for anything especially if that thing is negative but this is a positive development..

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