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Transportation secretary elaine chao i would love to nail on with the conversation that we're having right now that dominates sexual harassment i just wanted to know if you've had a need to lomans in horse i think that the dirty little secret that a lot of women have health for a long time many of us especially i think the um in eight years past have experienced it but at the vine whose very different but you toes the story uh the person is still here in his still owned out all the more reason eight this is an important lesson in you will go through difficulties in your life and i hope you will all triumphs and when you triumph you need to help others along the way but you also must have magnanimity of spirit things change times change and it's not worth my while to go back and revisit those negative moments i will fight for other women and i will stand up for other women but in of your own you got let it go because otherwise is true corrosive it's too negative in a does you a double injury because that hold you back the transportation secretary elaine chao recovered the women it now summit sponsored by politico check it out at sea spanish dot org in the alabama senate race democrat doug jones said earlier today quote men who hurt little girls should go to jail not the us senate we are lee one week away from tuesday's special election will have the results here on cspan radio and cspan television along with the speeches it was on november twenty nine th that roy more the republican candidate said that he did not know any of the women who claimed a relationship with them yesterday the washington post posting a story on one of the women involved deddy western gibson when she was seventeen and roy moore was 34 she claims the two david and while unpacking christmas decorations she came across a graduation card and a henrik note signed by roy more with the president now fully endorsing his candidacy this question from cnn's jim acosta to press secretary sarah sanders word israel we of growth for abortions on isn't there or moral decisionmaker making here um i'm sure you've heard this talked about in the in the jews last couple with a.

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