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Continuing coverage. I'm Aaron Katersky. ABC news as far as response goes a lot of moving parts at the local state and federal levels our own expert and former FEMA director Michael Brown says all have to work in concert together to pull things off for the response can easily go south doesn't do their job. In the emergency response is not going to be good. In fact, could be an abject failure Brown from our sister station K how FEMA director more than a decade ago during Hurricane Katrina. If you're flying out to Denver to they're flying out of Denver. I should say today and hoping to get to the southeast part of the country better. Check with your airline. Multiple flights are being canceled out of DIA fly Denver dot com. A good place. To go. A key figure in the early race for the White House. In two thousand sixteen is due in federal court at this hour. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will plead guilty in federal court to to count I conspiracy against the United States and second conspiracy to obstruct Justice and witness tampering. Prosecutors made a point of noting that this activity occurred at least through twenty sixteen Manafort will forfeit many of his assets, he faced seven counts originally in his DC trial that was slated to begin with jury selection on Monday. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House mistrial declared the case of a man accused of hitting and killing a Colorado state trooper the DA's office says yesterday's decision revolved around expert witness testimony, which included a previously undisclosed opinion. Noah Gomez Ruiz's is facing criminally negligent homicide in the death of trooper Cody Donohue, two years ago. Get that calculator out it's going to take nearly one and a half billion dollars to run the city and county of Denver next year. Mayor Hancock unveiling his proposed budgets tops on that agenda may. Denver more affordable place to live. You will see a president to the level of investment. Affordable housing fifty million dollars in two thousand nineteen you'll see the development of our neighborhood stabilization team where we will be deployed to bring resources to residents and neighbors may be vulnerable displacement entered. The.

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