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Dot com. T. Rex solutions, LLC dot com. Ten 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s back to Jack Taylor in the traffic center. It will recover slowly, but it will recover 95 in Virginia into and through Fredericksburg. We had some trouble up before the center port Parkway with a broken down vehicle, V dot has removed that from the left side of the roadway. We'd had trouble at a Quantico on Joplin road up near moabi road with a crash. The earlier incident cleared the delays are taken a bit, going east on 7, headed toward the intersection of baron Cameron avenue, there was an earlier wreck in the intersection, so at least now with travel lanes open those delays, starting to ease back somewhat. We'd had a reported wreck in franconia on 6 44 west of Bueller street and at a barista Wellington road near balls Ford road there had been a reported crash. The beltway still slow both directions into and through mcclain. The inner loop delay begins right around one 23, outer loop delay begins in Maryland after river road, you're headed to the work sounds both sides of the beltway near Georgetown pike and the George Washington Parkway, taking away the far left lane. Bellway and Maryland is fine through Montgomery and prince George's counties. We're good to go on two 70 between Bethesda and Frederick, north and southbound, some scheduled work on the bottom of Washington Parkway, going south between one 97, all the way down to New York avenue they'll be working along the left side of the roadway. Now you'll find you're in good shape between the beltways on 95, no late issues or delays on 50 between northeast and the bay bridge. However, west, on the bay bridge, you're going to find the work sound today taken away the far right lane. Fairfax connector bus service start riding smart with the fairfax connector. Visit fairfax connector dot com for information about their new bus routes in herndon and Reston. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. Chuck bell with our forecast. Breezy today with winds out of the northwest, that will keep temperatures in the low to mid 50s for highs today. Temperatures dropping into the 30s overnight and only a

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