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15 billion m³ of liquefied natural gas LNG for your this year This will replace the LNG supply recurrently received from Russia The president of the United States on his way to Warsaw their in Brussels with Ursula von der leyen with her unique German knowledge of defense and military and important meeting we had that I believe earlier this morning And again we're monitoring the president in the next hour I believe to land in Warsaw Right now is my interview of the day and not that I'm just back from Paris and it was an extraordinary joy to see Paris preparing for the Olympics because he is hugely qualified with his public service to the French nation and this moment of war Felipe Tiana's French ambassador to the United States of America but far more has had tours of duty particularly in Romania He understands Eastern Europe perhaps more than anyone enter in the show Ambassador thank you so much for joining Bloomberg Thank you very much for having me Embarrassing We have limitations I can not speak to you of course of the domestic politics of France I believe that's off limit this morning but I can speak to you of when I'm in London and I get on the train and I go under the channel and I come out There are the fields of wheat of France You are in the absolute agricultural nexus of the rich helping the poor with limited food at this moment How will France help the poor of the world with their wheat and other agricultural products It is indeed one of our duties and one of the initiatives we have decided yesterday at the summits in Brussels to take France like the United States is an important producer of weight but we have collectively to help the world community to face a food security crisis which is one of the threats caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine The first thing to do is of course to demand a ceasefire in Ukraine for the Ukrainian people first but also because it would be the only way to allow the Ukrainians to sow their seeds and to prepare for the next harvest But we have also indeed to take initiatives to increase productions to increase coordination internationally to help all the countries which were the most vulnerable in the world and who depend from imports of wheat Ambassador the president speaks of a 100,000 refugees coming to America It seems like a tragic statistic given the millions coming over the borders of Romania of Poland And the rest confronts provide France provide leadership in Europe with amount of number of refugees coming into France And that statistic we had we have provided leadership because Francis holding the rotating presidency of the council of the European Union And as soon as the war has started and as a refugees have started to come into the EU we have decided as EU to give the Ukrainian refugees more than 3 million already arriving to the European Union to provide them with the spatial statute protection statues they are schooled have access to healthcare They have access to jobs We have been doing this immediately Of course the refugees first come to the boulder countries Poland Romania also Slovakia Hungary also outside the U but now they are coming to other countries And you see everywhere including in France a huge movement of solidarity for the tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees which are already in France in Italy of course in Germany very many So they are coming to us too And as an EU we have taken very very quick and very bold measures through welcome them Ambassador you spoke of Poland or of course the president of the United States is expected to land in just about half an hour's time before he did so though he was in Brussels with Ursula von der leyen announcing that agreement on U.S. LNG What is the French feeling this morning about its energy security and whether or not it is able to wean itself off of Russia Well even if France is a bit less dependent on import from Russia than other you countries is this for us as again as a presidency of the European Union It is a common problem It is a European problem The European leaders were convened by our president in Versailles two three weeks ago and they decided to stop the dependency on Russian imports of energy And also to increase in other fields food critical materials the resilience of our economy It's a huge lesson to learn from this war And we will transform decisively the European Union And to get rid of this dependency from imports from Russia in energy means first to accelerate our transition and also to diversify our supply including of gas From this point of view the agreement which has been announced by the United States and the European Union about this 15 1 billion m³ additional of American supply to Europe is really important And we will diversify our supplies so that we get rid of this dependency as quickly as possible Ambassador in Paris on the river seine are those bright gold domes they stick out like a sore thumb and it is Russian architecture of the Russian Orthodox Church explain to us the new relationship of Russia that you know so well with your representation of the nation in Moscow explain the new relationship you will perceive of Russia with Paris and France For the time being of course we need to stop this war and the relation is mostly that our president is among the leaders who has decided to continue to talk to the Russian president to tell him that the ceasefire is absolutely necessary Humanitarian access is absolutely necessary We have while we raise the sanctions and the price paid by Russia for this invasion and these sanctions are really important now We have to first as a priority absolute priority to get to a society And we are doing this in close coordination with the president of Ukraine Of course once there is a ceasefire there could be negotiations And once there would be negotiations we could turn to the future But the absolute priority is a ceasefire Ambassador thank you so much for joining us this morning Philippe at the French ambassador to the United States Kayleigh is something to come into Paris and see the traditional architecture and only made in the last number of years The holy Trinity church of Russia to wonder you wonder how that relationship will be here coming for Kayleigh thank you for helping out when I was gone Thank you for being here for Lisa This is really worked out Futures up 15 down futures of 87 Stay with us through the day I'm Bloomberg radio.

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