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Support for Ellen on the go comes from Universal Pictures, presenting their new film. Welcome tomorrow in from the groundbreaking director of Forrest Gump and castaway comes the boldest and most original film of the year based on an inspirational true story. Welcome tamara. When is the story of a man who survived a hate crime and created an imaginary world where he could be a hero starring Academy Award nominee, Steve Carell and Leslie Mann. Welcome tomorrow in celebrates the power of friendship, hope and healing now playing in theaters. Let's talk about Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn. Oh, my God mother. I I want I want Goldie Hawn to be my mom for a friend to have the two of them play off each other like. I didn't ever done. I don't think Kate Hudson Goldie Hawn of ever done a talk show appearance together. I don't ever remember seeing them together. And they were so so fun. It was so fun to watch their like little their little mother daughter dynamic in more pregnant, she was like about like your water could have brought on our show. I'm guessing by the time. Anyone is listening to this podcast. She will have had her baby. Probably. I mean, she was she's may be the most fragment guest. We've had as close birthright she like, I was actually nervous right? Ladies. How are you? Good. Yeah. Yeah. Like you are winners. When are you do let's just say, you probably have never had anyone this pregnant on your. I mean, really look like it's any minute now. Could be well honored could go any second. I have I have..

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