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Maryland. We're here for you when you need heating, cooling and plumbing help fast. Keep your life moving with same day emergency service seven days a week from Lend the Plumber Heating and Air. The only way to get service today, just call Lend the Plumber Heating and Air. Everything you need every time you listen. 815, I'm John Aaron. And I'm Michelle Bash. The federal student loan pause ends soon and some borrowers are expecting their budgets to take a major hit. Interest on those federal student loans picks back up next month and payments will be due in October, marking the end of a more than three year pause on payments. According to a survey by Credit Karma, many borrowers say they'll have to cut back on non essential spending in order ends to meet make and more than 50 % say they're already struggling to pay bills like mortgages and car loans. The survey also shows 25 % of borrowers plan to put off financial milestones and while only 34 % plan apply to for an income driven repayment plan to lower monthly payments, the Biden administration has put a one year leniency program in place to assist borrowers who miss payments. Melissa Howell, WTOP News. Big changes are coming this year to the essays that college applicants are asked to write when applying to schools. After the Supreme Court banned and the consideration of race in college admissions, many schools are now following the directive from the court and students prompting to discuss their identity, life experience and background in college application essays. The York New Times reports colleges have consulted with lawyers to determine what's an acceptable essay question versus an unconstitutional one. The new essays are a big change from last year when some questions were asking about books read and volunteering. However, the group known as Students for Fair Admissions, which defeated race -based college admissions at the Supreme Court, says it will be closely reviewing how colleges implement these revised essay topics. The D .C. Black Film Festival returns to Barracks Row in Southeast this weekend. The seventh annual event celebrates movies by or about people of African descent Honestly, I think it's going to be like one of those things, Jason, where like D .C. comes out and represents and it's going to be loud in the theater and it's going to be packed. fun. It's going to be Founder Kevin Sampson invites you to watch a chocolate lens. Stephen Cummings takes a photographic journey through a disappearing black Washington that gentrification over time. You'll also see Outside Line. It focuses on Raja Kuruth, who is one of the few black NASCAR drivers. It's just a really fun documentary to watch. The D .C. Black Film Fest runs Friday and Saturday at the Miracle Theater. Jason Braley, WTOP News. A quick look at the top stories we're working on at UTOP. With nearly 100 people now counted dead so far after wildfires on Maui, the effort to identify the dead is just beginning. More criminal charges could be coming for former President Trump as

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