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So there was never any concerned that if you were to good, he was going to get pissed off in hate, you know, it's the opposite. I look great director like that. You're just lucky is an actor because there aren't that many to be able to work with a real visionary like spike, they take care of the film, right? The shots and how it's gonna look in the script, but they also take care of their actors. So even when I went to read for him, I, when I said, I want to play David Duke like no one saw it. I just read his the script because I was such a huge fan of his when I said, I wanted to play you gotta go in and read for him. And I said, I'm happy to do it. Why would anyone know that I'd be able to do this. But even so it was so awkward at the beginning before I read from I, I'm just. I watched a lot of like YouTube videos from behind the scenes of Django unchained. Oh yeah. But just as they do it like, how'd you do it? And then when someone yells cut. Any answer is it is offered. There's no kind of secret to it, but you have a great leader like spike what he did was before I started reading, he just went to work, making me feel as comfortable as possible. He was a lot of humor and and he's very sure of himself as he should be. And I just felt like I then gave him a reading of the part. So you know, because of him. Yeah, that's really cool because I could imagine it would be really awkward after a take. If you're sitting at lunch with the cast and crew and you're like, I was just acting will the ones that he he would do is he'd run in sometimes if you're in like a comedy film, the director will run in and give you like a line like a comedy line, they'll just whisper it in your ear, and then you'll say it and even the other actors didn't know you're going to say it. You know, you kind of get credit for the line essentially, and he'd run in whispering y, you're the most racist thing I ever heard. Said something like that. And then I'd say it was fake like, you don't have to whisper that to me. You can announce to the whole crew, and I'm going to say that I don't want someone to think like, whoa, did Toepfer just come up with these improvising I mean, yeah, from the heart. I mean, yeah. So I just made him say everything out loud. I mean, it seems to me that playing a hate monger like David, Duke is one of those parts that could either be something that makes her breaks and actors career. Were there any people around you or managers who maybe didn't I want you to take on this role? I, I don't know. I'm pretty stubborn, and I don't think. Maybe when I was younger, I had people like that around me, but I don't have anyone around me who would. I'm sure your wife. Like why? That's one we're trust me. I lose fights with that person, but I, I know she m. I think she was aware that it was. You know, she shares the same frustrations? I do, especially having just had a kid, you kind of just. You just want to say something. I mean, look actors shouldn't say things in my opinion or people shouldn't listen to what actors set, right? I mean, they're not. There's nothing qualifying them to. To say things to people politically or otherwise, but. Sometimes you can through, you know, today it is art, you know, and you can help someone great like Spike Lee, kind of, you know, he'll make something actually speaks on the national level and if you agree with it. No, my wife was really supportive because she also shares some views with what the script was saying, what spike was saying, and it's so great to be able to. So rare you get to like I saw the trailer and I say America first and that came out of seeing the stuff on Donahue and then suggesting in rehearsals, and then I thought is Trump gonna, see this. You'll see the movie, but he will see the trailer. We all know he watches TV. He'll probably tweet about it without having seen it open for that tweet. That'd be focused is probably dying for that..

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