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Dan McColl a musician founded the grassroots group blue, revolution simple call to action, join US beat trump. His website is a hub for action and his facebook group now has over sixty three thousand members has been helping them engage important states and raise money for crucial campaigns. And Mariah Craven, and this is how we win the many. Dan Cool. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. A, year to be here, thanks for having me. So first of all, what was your first volunteer experience in politics like? I wasn't college. It was in western Massachusetts I went to UMASS. Amherst and it was the summer of two thousand four, so I signed up to knock on doors for the Kerry campaign. No, it was actually the DNC and it was. When was carry was running so. A while back. and. What did you do? While we were not gonNa do as we were driving driving volunteers around western Massachusetts, which is a very. Liberal area and You know they got the five colleges. They're in Amherst Massachusetts, but we were driving sort of further east towards the middle of the state. And you know we kind of noticed as we were driving around the you know. Massachusetts has a reputation for being super, blue and liberal and progressive, but. It wasn't really so there was some towns you kind of wanted to avoid but and it was kind of the height of the Iraq war. Intentions were high. And did not appreciate showing up on their doorstep, and asking you to votes against the commander in chief. It was nine open experience, but I think it. Kind of a toxins toughen my skin a little bit to able to. You know handle. Activism, which is just talking, I mean all activism is talking to strangers and. Talking about some things that are perhaps a little sensitive. On kind of got my feet wet for for organizing. So now you're working in a very. Before you were knocking on doors and driving people around the most nerve wracking part of. Organizing for me as being responsible for other people and in their cars. And now you're doing this really cool digital project but I imagine that there's a connection between those two well. I think knocking on doors, and and also I think I was I did be. On a street barking fundraising New York City when I lived there and I. Think one of the things that you learn is that if someone is not willing to volunteer, or someone is not as enthused about volunteering, you are that's okay, and you can move onto the next person. There are lots and lots of people out there who want to get involved kind of have the. Personality for it, and there's some people who don't right. They would rather help out in other ways than directly contacting strangers, so it's all good Everyone played their part and you kind of. You you get to appreciate the diversity of of act that's winning elections takes a whole team in mellish so You kinda get to work that out monthly growth digitally and and Carson. And danior musician who has played in some really cool bands with some great people. Tell us a little bit about your music background. Yeah I. Didn't playing music. You know pretty much life I played or I was a singer of a band in the early two thousands, and we toured the country many times and play Some major festivals toward with some big bands and Released some albums and I think that. I've been organizing people to get together for some purpose since. When are teenager? It was getting together for Punk shows and vfw's knights of Columbus halls. And now it's getting people into runs to wash debates and. You know, have election themed? Cocktails are so it's it's part of the same process, but I do I do still play music I play in a band up here in Boston and we were called ruined the night and we played. We've only played a few times. We were kind of just getting started as Kobe. Gobi, But we've been going around and doing some social distancing recording, and in the last few weeks, and it's been fun. We like to call ourselves Boston's Premier Dad. Broadband. We play punk rock young wraps galleons, but now we're playing something a little more mellow, but still as energetic. I I. Love Your Your Point about the preparation that you had as a musician. You know preparing you for life and organizing because. Coming up here as a musician in Los Angeles, you know just like the amount of people I would approach with flyers, and just trying to get people to come two gigs and everything I mean that was my my organizing school right there. So tell us about blue revolution and what people can find their. Revolution is a troll free. Group of sixty three thousand aggressives and grants, and we'd been in operation since inauguration day. It was a group that I started I was teaching college in New York City as an adjunct when trump was inaugurated, and I started the group as basically just the way to vent with fifty fellow friends, and we were called back then countdown to beat trump. For lack of a better name because I was. Standing in the subway station, watching trump get inaugarated on my phone and Brooklyn and I literally looked up a countdown website to see how many seconds there were. Told Remember Third Twenty twenty. So started this group, and it kind of took on a light sound. I think that early on we were you know covering the kind of. I guess like the protests era. Call it of twenty seventeen. the airport protests, women's March obviously and the you know March for our lives and things like that and then I think closer two thousand eighteen midterms. We started to get more animated about midterm elections and mobilizing people to find their narrow swing district I think we did some fundraisers for swing tweet. Worked with swing left. On their last weekend projects and their friends who added their friends, who, out of their friends and suddenly We had tens of thousands of people, so it's it's really exciting, and IT'S A. Troll Free Community of people who are concerned about their country and we. We like to think of ourselves as kind of a support group slash you know mobilization pad. I Guess Mobilization Watch cab, so. Both of those things we need to support each other and we need to launch everyone into action, absolutely no question. How do you stay troll free? What we screen members who come in, and it's pretty easy to remove anyone I. Think I think we got about one a month. someone who doesn't laugh. At something they shouldn't be laughing. and. So it's easy enough to remove folks and the people who join that group have been added by members and gig alert, pretty smart doubt not adding their right wing uncle. Or Friend? They weren't the high school west. and you know people are people got. Dick Uncles get a bad rap. Why did always the creepy uncle the right wing uncle? You know it's never an aunt or a cousin or something? It's always an uncle. That's true. I mean. Because I. Know where I'm sorry Steven you. Do. You come up with some..

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