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I'm pitch hitting for Dr drew and Leo terell is standing by to make sure everything's legal. Okay. Great. So what do we think Trump just finally couldn't keep his mouth shut anymore or he figure? This is a perfect deflection to attack Christine Blasi floored campaign rally, I think a combination of both. But I think Trump may not sound provincial. But what he came out of his mouth, a lot of people think that and I got news for this country is split on that and in the south that is Trump territory. So he's all those people crappy behind him. What does that tell you? Guess who wasn't clapping the senators whose votes actually matter? You have Susan Collins absolutely horrified. He came out and said Jeff flake saying this was absolutely the wrong thing to do. That's whose opinions actually matter. If you want this nominee to go through these are, the senators that deferred their time in the hearing to the hired prosecutor for exactly this reason. So the Repub. Party doesn't look like the party. That's mocking a quote rape victim. I agree with you. But let me I saw some numbers the other day in the south Republicans are favor over Democrats in house seats, and I'm just telling you the south is Trump country who's planned to his base as long as thirty six hundred thirty percent base. He does not care about the media on the west coast or the east coast. I think I I'm just stating those facts, I think it's pretty clear he's not changing his ways. But I'm wondering if the GOP's now. Like throwing their hands up. Like, look, we tried to do this as classes, we tried to be, you know, the good guys here and stand on the higher ground, and you just blew it for us. Well, I'll tell you right now. I don't know if she's if Kevin off is going to get confirmed, but Trump plays second fiddle to know what he's not worried about a Republican Senator or a Republican House member. In fact, I think they're afraid of him. I e Lindsey Graham Lindsey afraid of Donald Trump. Lindsey Graham tried to interview for the attorney general position Lindsey Graham is worried about his twenty twenty seen in South Carolina. He better not make Trump upset period. Next. L locally here. There was a big boss for the string of burglaries that have been happening in fancy LA home, specifically, the San Fernando Valley we've been hearing for months now about burglarizing from Riyan ask Christina Milian, Yossi Yossi. Oh, Puig Yossi week, Andy and Randy Wayne I- burglarized. I do not live in the fan. I live south of the boulevard also Rams receiver Robert woods. Apparently, the cops pulled over a car on an unrelated charge and found a bunch of expensive handbags jewelry and purses that they identified as missing items from people's houses with someone trying to hawk when Gasio Puig's chains. They also found fifty thousand dollars in cash the alleged gang members that were arrested in south Los Angeles included three guys in there eighteen and nineteen year olds and one of their mothers was with them. This is an inside job period. These hits on these high priced homes and rich and famous does anybody believe somebody walking down? Street. Just going to say, let's pick that house. This is a pattern and practice of people who are aware of what's going on inside hotels. Well, they're aware of what's going on owners are not there. That tells you something someone is provided them information, they're providing them, they no one really goes on tour. Playing information what to take where to take it? And how to take 'em always escape. I mean, it's a pattern. Well, the term is called flocking because they quote flocked birds like areas where the rich and famous are cited, and they show up in fancy cars and button down shirts to not look suspicious and soon as they realize somebody's not home, they switched to casual clothing and hoodies break in and break out before anyone knows the difference. I love that. There's a costume change. Got it. Okay. Randy you, and I try to Imola see if we can get away with it. I don't need to rob anybody. Okay. I'm doing. Okay. All right. Good. I just want to tell us something. No, no, no, get my bar license in trouble. Over in Texas in Austin super progressive Austin. There is a new city ordinance that is trying to do away with food waste. They did a study in two thousand fifteen they found that thirty seven percent of materials that were sent to landfills were organic food that could have been donated or composted. So now they're calling to pass. They have an ordinance passed. That's to help businesses can donate extra food to those in need or they could compost food have compost sites on site. Food waste is a major problem. But I know at least here in California, one of the issues with the supermarket, for instance, not getting rid of forty percent of their unsold food and throwing in the garbage is there held liable. If they donate food and someone gets sick from it. I didn't know that. That's not right. That's not right. They need to modify that law or health inspector DC, do some type of exemption, but food waste is ridiculous. A lot of people do weights food and Marcus that don't use our sell unsold food. They should give it to the people who are homeless. I mean, there are some services that like for instance, I used to be just a practice that for fruit growers like peach growers at the peach didn't look pretty enough. They just throw it on the ground. Now, there's companies like imperfect produce that are taking ugly fruit which you'll see at like farmer's markets. Do that. Right. Well, because it's still good. It just doesn't look picture. Perfect tastes the same. Good. Then he's got to do a little work. Don't judge a squash by its cover each by its Bruce. I think that's the lesson here. But anything that we can do to eliminate food waste because it's something like thirty to forty percent of all food produced in this country is thrown away here. I think because we go through so much produce here in California. There's so much salad. Pop up pops up. What are they doing with the fruit that they can't use after the expiration date, but still good, right? And a lot of the expiration dates, they're arbitrary. Yeah. Listen before we move on the thirty minute nonstop news..

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