Syria, Stauner Tanaka, Yankees discussed on Monday Night Live with Carl Banks and Kim Jones (from Empire City Casino)


Don't know how and what pitches available right well maybe they go to get a veteran starter to whom i oh not one in syria there's not a lot out so now you've got trade players and now they're going to want to take your young players and and take them off your hands so there you go to somebody's really good starter they're going to say okay we want laboratory says we want you odds fro one youngster nah you know have five prospects who are in the top hundred they're going to china i'm going to one three of them if you're going to take a stop l now i'm not going to start more than what they are down there you have to be back in the market for tanaka as all aristo it could they get a written accord they were placed in october that bridge starting coaccused longing silent britain it's done a bridge stauner tanaka is a guy who on his best day is a star so if you're going to go get a guy that you can have pitch like that in the post season you're going to have to go get a big starter and either going to sign him as a free agent to a ton of money or you gonna have to give up kids to get him there's no in between now the yankees can resign tanaka if the yankees like tanaka so much they can just tackle on a couple of years to that contracting give him five years with you know the same kind of money if they feel comfortable given him that kind linked with his status you know with the his you know he was very iffy this year it was inconsistent he needs days off in we know he's had some almond juries so you got to take that on new account if the markets so favorable at tanaka can dumped sixty seven million for three years and he's going to guarantee site himself that he's gonna do better than twenty three twenty to change a year for three years if he's going to do better than that then the markets extremely high and the yankees going to be paying through the nose sal in brooklyn was ups out michael what's going on buddy oh you what's up and.

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