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Spiderman. I january thirty first of one thousand nine hundred eighty eight back to back with the previous episode or really really hate clones and was written by john. Semper the seven percent pie with a solo credit. The stakes have never been higher. But we still have time for a definitive edition of peter's comic book minute so for my final peter's comic book minute i'm gonna do the man himself. Stanley stanley martin lieber or stanley was born december. Twenty eighth nineteen twenty two and sadly died november twelfth two thousand eighteen in collaboration with others at marvel. Especially jack kirby steve dicko. He co created numerous popular comic book characters including firemen the x. Men iron man. Thor the hulk ant man the wasp the fantastic four black panther daredevil doctor strange scarlet which the black widow and captain marvel not that one these and other characters introductions in the nineteen sixties pioneer to more naturalistic approach than previously applied to comic books. And the nineteen. Seventy stanley challenged the restrictions of the comics code authority indirectly leading to changes in its policy in the eighties. He pursued the development of marvel properties in other media with mixed results following his retirement from marvel in the nineties. He remained a public figure head for the company and frequently make cameo appearances in film and television shows based on marvel characters he also continued independent creative ventures into his nineties until his death in twenty eighteen. Yeah we wouldn't be talking about this if it weren't for stanley so feel like that's fitting tribute. Although i mean just getting his name shouted out on a crappy. Podcast isn't really enough. I hope i hope he gets a gets a cool cameo somewhere else but i guess we'll have to watch the episode. I guess so if we must must well. This episode begins right where it left off with spider man and scarlet spider in the clutches of a man spider. Gone mad smyth frees himself and also gets involved temporarily while spider carnage is on the verge of detonating his reality ending bomb with defeat imminent. The beyond her uses the very last of his strength bringing the powerless. Spidey in as a distraction and teleporting man spider away on the verge of death. He's forced to return to his home dimension and leave the spider crew without a safety net so at the beginning they still have the credits rolling. And they have it in such a way that as spider-man's looking to this portal. That madame web has opened you. See the credits. The producer credits for like. Abby era looks like spiderman. Just looking at the names in the puerto like it's like madame web has credits to her puerto visions. I brought to you by with support from around this. Honestly i forgot that there was a spiderman back at home base and got confused that he was seeing what was happening. I was like what the fuck is this. I'm expire man's out in the room. What do you You got me with this. It's the powerless one. Yeah they keep harping on that name. A it's gotta be after doing his best you dick heads. You brought him here and then when they cut to the scene. There's dogs barking in the background. So that's all you know. It's a shithole so man. Spiders scarlet spider and spider man are fighting and man spider hooks scarlet spider. I swear to god he goes crotch i into the candidate arm thing. That's sticking out. I was like ooh because he is out for the rest of fight voicing a little higher if you listen carefully i feel like they added to the scene to distract from the fact. That man spider is a godless tighten. That can't be solved. Don't even put up a fight. They're just like well. I guess this is how we die. See you. He's thick when smyth goes and actually sees man spider. He decides to shoot the normal spiderman target. It's like oh well you know whatever. Here's a giant monster but spiderman have always had out for him folks focused guy and then they lake defeat smythe by pushing them into this bizarre machine. That only exists to murder like you. I wish one but at a clock comes out and grabs you by the way just starts a whipping you around. It mocks speed liquor an astronaut training for the moon. Why is this spider even here. Is that the only thing that keeps fucking fisk egging lumbago in check he is dead like he is like would like. It's so fast they do. The cartoon blur thing spiderman doesn't throw a punch and five fucking seasons than this ended with straight up murder blender. The can't cancel you if you're done after this one so push to the limit right. You don't see him for the rest of the episode to so in my head. He's liquid. do we know why the the show got cancelled supposedly the executive producer. Avi arad and the head of fox. Kids one margaret los got into a pretty heated argument and low just cancelled the fucking series. Right that's the that's the story that's floats around online. But nobody's nobody's one hundred percent. Sure you know it's too bad they didn't just use their cosmic powers. Instead of teleporting man spider away. You know teleported spider carnage away right. They could have brought him there the whole time and i just fuck off or maybe even just give man spider sentence like a sentient. Man's better be probably pretty cool. That would be so sick. He's just like i got this like just holcomb out on people that fisk you're right. I pictured them teleporting spider carnage to the base and all the spiderman. Just hug him. And that's the end of the episode. We love you buddy. Save by the power of love run. They're like we're here for you my friend and then instead we get no no spiderman teleported in and then he gets wrecked. They send him over there. I'm like wait a minute killing the beyond to do that to tell the court loser spokesman in there like he have taken a cab the at the time. Just get an uber. It'll be okay buddy the beginning madame. Web's like if he fails all this up there is he's getting torn apart by carnage literally. Seconds later yeah alright. Pack it up. We're done here. And they start lowering the antenna here as the as the bomb is getting ready to deploy spiderman. Just looks at it. And he's like let's surrender. Actually we're out of time but no it is nice that the powerless spider man saves him even though he causes kingpin and runs straight into the wall like hammer so then they cut to the beyond her being like super power.

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