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That's a great transition into our weakened in Denver. Will it really is? Because I got to meet Jason. Yeah. You did. And you know, what he is a beauty, isn't he? I love Jim, positively. Yeah. Love happiness and energies electric. That's what I say. Oh, I know I totally stole that. I should have let you sorry. So his energy is just electric. I knew it. You're good. No. Meant to be nobody just like it's just so refreshing meeting people that just have such a Meg network. Electric personality are just like so positive smiley, and they make you feel included. And I could say anything, and I didn't feel like an idiot. That's kind of vibe I get from him is that each just kind of feel you've known him for a long time. Absolutely. And I don't know if I don't know that if people who follow him know him or watched him on the show, but I don't know if they felt that same way. But that's just the vibe I got from him from the get-go when I was watching him on Becca season. I genuinely felt like I want him to be the bachelor. That's just the vibe. I just rude. I was reading for him when we were in Florida. I remember that because I didn't watch Becca season. And I was like, you know, what I think I'm gonna give I've been to watch the next bachelor show give another try and Mike who thing it should be. And you were telling me about the Candessus, your it should totally be Jason linking. He seems like a genuine good guy. And mindset clearly. Yeah, I was like girls are gonna love him. He's. He's kind of like what we deserve from the bachelor. Yeah. Because he seemed like he reminds me I always say this a Canadian. Yeah. A Canadian boy. And so I was like, yeah. I'd I my mindset was just in this zone. Averroes? Like, I don't know why. But I feel like I am a care about his happiness. Like, I didn't know what it was. And and so I thought oh bachelor bachelor material. I looked him up. I was like, oh, yeah. Mike, you know, just good job seem to come from a I read a couple interviews with him. And it was like it seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. So the cow. I'm like, hopefully, he'll be the bachelor. Yeah. And then. This is a forward. Thus forage rage to when you went to Seattle at this point. I think you already knew he was gonna be the bachelor, right? Or did. He know. I Don I actually still don't. Oh, no. I don't think he did. Because I can't remember because it was when I was podcasting. Yeah. I think it was like an October remember Tober. But so my best friend. Jess. Yeah. Well, I have a few best friends. Bessie cat. I call her. She's amazing. She's amazing. So she has two kids. They live in Seattle and her husband and help she help her. She's got two little ones under two hundred two and her husband is just love him. And he is the coach for the Seattle. Ooh. I don't know the name of the team. They're the no, no, that's football football. It's the whol team in hockey hockey and Seattle. And so I went to like help her and see her and I love her. And I was like, oh, I might as well do some podcasts him out there. So I was podcasting with a Louisville. Jason. Yeah. And I think so yet this point he clearly did he knew he. Was in the bachelor, I think is Colton at this point. Oh, yeah. And I remember asking him like so how like how did your podcast and going? What was a weird because I went into my podcasts, and you had been like bawling your eyes. Oh, yeah. And it just wasn't a really good day. And then we'll immune. I think what people don't know. Or maybe they do at this point. Is that up? It was already the break-up had already happened. Right. We just don't have had been. Oh, yeah. Headed had been an yes it had been..

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