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Hello from wonder media network. I'm jenny kaplan. And this is encyclopedia. Britannica are stemming. Most of the day is synonymous with excellence in nursing named the lady with the lamp. She revolutionized hospital sanitation and used her command of statistics to advocate for health reform. Let's talk about florence. Nightingale florence nightingale was born on may twelfth eighteen twenty two an upper class english family with florence and her older sister parthenon dopey are named for the italian cities where they were born growing up in a wealthy family. Florence split her time between the families to english estates and was home schooled by her father. Despite receiving an education the expectation for florence was to marry young and start a family but florence had other ideas when florence was a teenager. She believed she received a message from god calling her to work with the poor and the sick when florence told her parents she wished to pursue a career in nursing. They were not pleased at the time. Nursing was thought of as a lowly service position. not at all what. The nightingale family had intended for their daughter but confident in her calling. Florence would not be deterred and refuse to entertain the idea of marriage eventually. Florence's father gave in and she was permitted to attend nursing school in both germany and paris. Eventually florence's father gave in and she was permitted to attend nursing school in both germany and france. Florence quickly made a name for herself in the medical community and she returned to london in eighteen fifty. Three to serve superintendent of a hospital that catered to upper class gentlewoman in eighteen fifty four. The crimean war broke out and the british army found itself ill equipped to handle the sudden and overwhelming number of injured soldiers. Newspapers began to report on the poor conditions of these facilities which were plagued by overcrowding a lack of supplies and unsanitary practices. The army needed. Help the secretary of war sidney. Herbert contacted florence and asked if she would lead a group of nurses to treat the wounded soldiers. Florence agreed and along with thirty eight other female nurses arrived at the brit. She agreed and along with thirty eight. Other female nurses arrived at the british base camp. Outside of constantinople florence agreed and along with thirty eight other female nurses arrived at the british base camp outside of constantinople. Or what's now known as istanbul. Initially there was resistance to florence and her team. The doctors were not keen on working with a group of women nurses but eventually the dire medical needs overwhelmed. Prejudice and florence's nurses began administering support to patients. Florence made quick work of turning around. The hospitals practices her team brought in supplies source nutritious food and reinforced sanitation practices. Florence herself was known for carrying around a lamp to check on soldiers in the night. Suss earning her nickname. The lady with the lamp within six months. The improvements florence's team made lowered the hospitals death rate from forty percent to two percent after returning from the war. Florence advocated for hospital reform employing data and statistics to make her case using her success. In the crimean war as an example. She presented her findings and recommendations to queen victoria and prince albert in eighteen fifty. Six this led to the formation of the royal commission to improve the health of the british army. Florence was known for her skills with data and statistics. She's credited with creating one of the first pie charts and was the first woman elected to the royal statistical society in eighteen fifty-eight her advocacy also lead to the creation of the army medical college. In chatham england. She captured her expertise in hospital safety in her book. Notes on nursing what it is and what it is not in honor of her contributions during the war. The nightingale training school at saint. Thomas hospital was established along with a fund that allowed florence to continue educating england's nurses. For years to come. Florence nightingale passed away on august thirteenth nineteen ten. She was ninety years old. Florence's legacy lives on two years after her death. The international committee of the red cross created the florence nightingale medal. The award honors excellence in nursing every two years to this day. International nurses day falls on florence's birthday all month. We're talking about stimulus for more on. Why we're doing what we're doing check out our newsletter or manica weekly. You can also follow the show on facebook and instagram. At encyclopedia were manica. And you can find me on. Twitter at jenny kaplan special. Thanks to liz. Caplan my favorite sister and co-creator talk to you tomorrow..

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