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Tomorrow morning with some areas may be seen two or three i think most of us are going to stay below that note with so we will see any major flooding and that's good thing just bundle up and of course drive carefully if you'll be out today building the new muse children's hospital a huge project carrying a huge price tag three hundred eighty five million dollars at one time well that was the earlier cost estimate posting career reports the yesterday medical university's boarded trustees received word that it will cost about four million dollars more than that bringing the price tag to three hundred eighty nine million dollars the report also notes the universe at he has raised one hundred and twenty point six million in private donations for the facility the rest of the cost financed by the government the new children's haas middle at muse is supposed to be finished by march of 2019 colloton county sheriff's office searching for a 22yearold vandal twenty two year old vernon brandon johnson was arrested for breaking into a church earlier this month reports say he was able to escape from custody while still wearing handcuffs canines were not able to locate him it's believe he is in these snyder's highway uh low country highway areas of ruffin johnson is a white male they're looking for him if you can help call crime stoppers five five four eleven eleven well minnesota senator al franken reluctantly announced his resignation from congress yesterday succumbing coming to the threat of sexual harassment allegations that was notable that he used such a public.

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