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I would love to hear your thoughts on this. So is the bible Catholic because the cannon was made at a Catholic council thoughts. The Catholic council that included the for came much later than the accepted books were already accepted in the bible. You have today in fact that the Bible's including the Apocrypha. So some people say that the puck was included in the King James stuff like that. But it was it was included in the back in a separate section, and it was noted to be good for history. But it was not considered canon Ken was formed through the theological understanding of the fact that God has spoken. He used these people to speak those are divine writings because of that. And that's that. So the canon was not determined in the way that people like to say nowadays with Cathal some being counseled and stuff like that. But it was created through consensus of the church as recognized documents. They were not added to the by. Able they were not accepted as they were recognized. I think there's a distinction to be said there, and I wish I can answer this better. But I just haven't gotten there yet. I'm going to be reading a book on it, actually. So if you wanna read a book on it too, Cana, revisited, Michael Kruger, and he talked about this as well that there's a relationship between covenant and the expectation of written word, and so that becomes reality. In terms of like, some of the apocryphal books that are found like Maccabi Maccabi as and Toby Keith those were rejected by the Jews way earlier, they were not a part of the scriptures earlier. And so the fact that those were entered into later just goes to show that you know, there's something there, and he noticed with I believe the Catholic canon is alternately those old Desmond books that were rejected before. But know that the bible is not Catholic in terms of Roman Catholicism. It is Catholic in terms of it belongs to the universal body of Christ. That is legitimately a church. I think there's that distinction of make there too. But I do think that there is that since of thority that is propagated from Rome Cathal Catholicism that is we put together the bible there for. Therefore, we have equal authority with the bible. But honestly whenever you consider. The medieval Catholic church in those claims there's this inconsistency. There's this assumption that what they had have now was always there from the beginning of the church till I don't know just say the fourth century. So that their view is arches always been around. What we have now was just built off of the past. And that's the fact, but they they assume the sacred tradition into the old, and they read that into the early church fathers, and they assume that that's the thority. So whenever they say that we put together the cannon. They see this one stream that isn't actually there because you basically find them reading into church history. And there's a problem with that that of course, is kind of a complex issue that I probably did not just you right here. But I think that is a short way of answering that. I think that is all the questions I'm going to take for this week. I am reading a lot. And so I think that we're going to have some interesting conversations in the next year last week. I the privileged talking to several brothers who were very pleasant and encouraging me, and it was exactly what I needed. And so I thank God for those men who just out of God's providence were happy to encourage me. And it was a beautiful thing. And I greatly. Appreciate it. And so I'm looking forward to continue continuing with you guys throughout two thousand nineteen and a half some ideas of perhaps a discipleship series or something like that. So what the kind of Jilin ideas? And then we'll hopefully we'll have some guests or something whenever I kind of get my bearings back because right now things seem kind of out of place, I'm trying to just new changes. And it's kind of throwing me for a loop. With that all being said, I hope you guys have a great weekend. Goblets all any questions comes to concerns feel free to Email me. I'm happy to discuss it similar thoughts on these questions. What do you think? And I hope you joy, the previous episodes. Thank you very much for all your feedback. And thank you for your continued love and support. God bless you. All.

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