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Next have a good candidate forty K. long as radio WFLA a little muggy this morning but not bad temperatures will make it up to eighty five which is average for the fourth of may it's seventy two degrees said newsradio WFLA president trump's top economic adviser is going against the predictions of most economists and believes the nation's economy will be back soon even bigger than before Larry Kudlow feels as does the president that the nation's economic strength could perhaps be better than it was before the virus hit on fox's Sunday morning futures Kudlow cites the forecasts of private firms and the Congressional Budget Office in his optimism they're looking for a substantial rebound of say seventeen to twenty percent in the second half of the year this would come despite a drop in the gross domestic product in the first quarter of almost five percent in more than thirty million people filing for unemployment after the U. S. economy shut down colonel Scott fox news Florida's partially re opening today as retailers and restaurants can open a twenty five percent capacity it's happening in dozens of states around the country more than half of the states in the U. S. have partially re open at the hardest hit state New York is not one of them but governor Andrew Cuomo says New York is collaborating with other states in the northeast on this effort we want to work together with the regional planning now on the re opening because every state is going to every other state we do something in New York facts New Jersey Connecticut Delaware cetera people are very mobile right now at least twenty eight states have partially re opened and a total of thirty four states will be partially re opened including Alaska Oklahoma Georgia Arkansas Colorado and Florida is Tina Coleman reporting for the first time people will be able to hear arguments at the Supreme Court without being there in person the Supreme Court will hold ten arguments by telephone conference including a landmark case involving president trump's financial records not only will the arguments be conducted by telephone the public for the first time we'll be able to listen in live as the cases are argued the justices are making adjustments for the arguments including asking questions one by one by seniority rather than the usual free for all six of the nine justices are age sixty five or older placing them in a population that the CDC considers to be at risk for serious illness from the corona virus in Washington John decker fox news today is the fiftieth anniversary of the shooting of college students at Kent state in Ohio those who were there remember that day clearly the sun was out it was brisk there was a nice breeze blowing Alan Canfora was a can't state student he never expected the date to turn into one of the darkest in recent American history National.

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